Friday, March 13, 2009

Smart woman, smart blogger

Bragger is one of my favourite bloggers ever. She is a smart lady- teaches HS and college English. She exercises. She's wicked funny and I adore her vocabulary. I know when I visit Bragger I always laugh out loud. I find myself reading parts of her post to Daddy-O and we are both cracking up.

Since I taught not so very long ago (and blogged about that life under a different pseudonym and blog title back in the day) I can related to her "teaching" stories. Her wit is smart and clever. She's a reader and i enjoy checking out her book selection. And this woman is so totally kickass that we emailed each other di-rectly and she sent me the Moonlighting episode of "taming of the shrew" so I could use it when I taught.

i love her insights on life and how she is willing to share. I like how she can take the mundane and make it interesting and funny.

Read Bragger! I had to brag about her because she is so great... Oh, geez, you knew I was going to say it as some point, so go call the pun police... After you read Bragger!

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Bragger said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! You are a dear. And I'm so jealous that you're in Italy now.