Monday, March 2, 2009

Got the perfect gift!

Thanks to Running in Stilettos, Curley, and Daddy-O for the suggestions/ ideas for gifts for Sam- where were the rest of your brilliant, ideas, may I ask?

Daddy-O made the trek to an antique shoppe and he spotted the perfect thing- a nautical compass, heavy as a paperweight, solid brass. Quite lovely, actually. It was just sitting in a quaint little shop! It now it's all mine!!! I'm going to try and get it engraved before I go...something like... "remember your one true north" or something to that affect.

I'm also going to get, maybe, a bottle of scotch at the duty free store. I might get a nice box of chocolates... we'll see!

Overall I'm VERY happy with the compass, and the other stuff would just be icing on the cake!

Counting down until Dublin days,

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Anonymous said...

Counting down the days! HAve fun!

The compass sounds great.