Thursday, February 26, 2009

I could use some suggestions

I want to bring Sam a nice gift next week. And I have no idea what... I have to battle customs so a nice bottle of wine is out. And I want to do something fun but clever and whimsical and not trite...

So... I was thinking about a desk compass, engraved- but is that too... I dunno, businessy? I also was thinking of a copy of either War and Peace or Ana Karenina- both by Tolstoy- an antique, leather bound copy if I could find one- would go along with our running joke and could be cute. But I'm not sure about either.

I'm open to suggestions... any thoughts?

I go nuthin',


Running In Stilettos said...

When Mr. Marine and I were dating we were doing the long distance thing. So I got him a compass from Tiffany's, engraved with something personal.

I gave him a card and told him that no matter where in the world he was (he is a Marine after all) that this compass would always lead him back home to me.

Cheesy, but he still cherishes that compass...and it has seen us through some milage apart!

Maggie said...

Hey RIS! (you are such a cool chick, I just love ya!) Thanks for that idea- that's exactly what I was thinking... along those lines, maybe something like "remember your one true north" and then it could be an open interpretation...? Sheeesh- this is a toughie!

And I'm glad Mr Marine always comes back home safely to you...