Thursday, February 5, 2009

And while I'm complaining...

I'm just in a snit, okay? It happens. I try to not let the little things bother me, but yesterday a whole bunch of little things just made me irritable and cranky.

I hate this weather. I'm tired of being cold.

I want to see AII Sam and wish my passport would show up so we could schedule the dates of my trip to Europe rather than talk about it. And talk about it. And talk about it.

Some crazy woman cut me off at the gas station. It was one of those situations: I pulled in and no matter what pump I had to wait in line for I would be facing cars- we were all in hodge-podge directions. So, I decide I would just back in. The guy who was at the pump knew what I was doing. I swing my car around to back it- anyone watching would know that's what I was doing- EXCEPT for the BITCH in the in charcoal gray Vibe. As soon as I turned the wheel and moved three inches, she nosed in between me and the guy getting fuel. I was astounded. I couldn't move- she left me no room to back up and I couldn't go forward anymore because of a truck. The dude in the truck saw what happened and made some room and I got backed in behind her. By the time I turned the MalibuMachine around, she was out pumping her fuel. Then I proceed to get out and yell at her: "Hey you in Vibe! You who just cut me off and butted in line like a 3td grader! You in the gray Vibe who is ignoring me! Yeah, act like you can't hear me, that's right! This is bad karma, lady! Good luck on the road, you rude creation!" I was yelling this pretty loudly. I know she heard me- everyone heard me and was laughing at her (or they were laughing at me- could go either way). The gas station attendant looked worried, like I was going to go postal on her ass. I was fuming- and that BITCH had the nerve to drive away without even looking at me. When I finally pulled up to the pump, the attendant said he couldn't believe she did that and it was the rudest thing he'd seen for awhile.

Finally, I went to the post office to mail AII Sam a small package. Something about Ireland and customs... I had to list all the items in the box on a form which he will see, so it won't be a surprise. I spend about $20 on stuff to send- no big deal at all, really, especially since he paid for the entire Pittsburgh trip; it was a thank you gift and something for Valentine's Day. It cost me $20 to mail the box!!!!!!!!!! From now on, he gets a card and virtual presents!

I had to sub for 6th graders yesterday and they are BUTTHEADS. I am not impressed with their sass. At least with the high school kids, they just basically do work and ignore me. The 7th and 8th graders settled when I asked them to. The bratty 6th grade beasts would NOT shut up, would NOT do their work, would NOT focus... the about drove me nucking futs!

Chain text messages are stupid and annoying. And emails.

I'm not so fond of people who send you a text message and then drive out of service. Oh this is such a stupid thing- I have a former student who sends me a text almost every day that says "hey" and when I reply I never get anything back because I know she is driving home from work. By the time I reply she is out of service and then the next day, she sends another "hey." It's irksome.

Some days it's easier to just stay in bed...

Whew, now that I have that off my chest....


The W.O.W. factor said... look good in "Pissy Pink"!
Rant away Dear Maggie..that's what BlogWorld is for! To vent instead of harbor..
Hope tomorrow brings some sunshine you way...they are calling for that nasty white stuff here!

Farrago said...

Something bugging you, Mags?

Send this to one hundred friends, plus me so I know I mean something to you, and something will happen to you tomorrow.

Maggie said...

WOW- Pissy Pink!!!!!!! OMG- I love that! And thank you!

Farrago- I hate you! ;)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hey Pissy Pink...WOW! Our son is here and I coaxed him into popping that Blackberry Merlot tonite...OMG!
It's dangerous!!
Goes down like a fine grape juice...just about got the whole thing emptied..
A 1.5 liter size! Worst of it? I've drank most of it and I never drink more than 2 glasses at a time!
This could be a daily fix for the winter blues!!
Come on over and we can pop another!