Saturday, February 21, 2009

A to Z meme

Midwest with a bit of Canuck and Montanan thrown in for fun... my accent is a complete mish-mash

Breakfast or no breakfast:
I LIKE breakfast and I feel better when I eat it but I'm not a morning person so it's iffy if I consume such

Chore I don’t care for:

Dog or Cat:
I don't have either, but I would prefer having a chocolate lab rather than a cat

Essential Electronics:
Cell phone, iPod, DVD player and laptop

Favorite Perfume:
Chanel No. 5

Gold or Silver:

Handbag I carry most often:
I actually switch bags several times a week but I do like the a basic black bag with long straps

Oh hell yes... most of the time my sleep is for shit

Job Title:

worthless substitute teacher

I have one kid, who is more than plenty some days

Living Arrangements:
Live with dad right now; according to this week's Time magazine I'm pretty normal- part of the "Boomerang" generation who can't survive this economy

Most Admirable Trait:
I’m always good for a laugh and I want everyone to be happy

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior:
I'm more of a naughty adult than I was a naughty child

Overnight hospital stays:
had a baby

BIG spiders and mice

“Life is not the destination but the journey" or "I've had a good time but this wasn't it"~ Woody Allen or "If you don't have something nice to say, come sit next to me"- Mae West

Reason to smile:

a younger brother and I count my sister in law

Time I wake up:
Whenever the hell I feel like it on weekends and days when I don't sub; at 6:20 am on subbing days

Unusual Talent or Skill:
I can't write that here

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat:

Worst Habit:
I suck with money.

Foot when I broke it, teeth at dentist, had my back x-rayed too

Yummy Stuff:
Pasta, Hawaiian meatballs, sugar cream pie, pastries, shrimp, pizza, bacon and cheese covered french fries, crab, a steak, chicken and dumplings, bacon--I just love food!

Zoo Animal I Like Most:

Thanks to Tense Teacher for my weekly meme!

As always, it's all about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME,


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