Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The State Department isn't feeling the love apparently

I think Hilary Clinton is the anti-Cupid. I still have no passport!!!!

I cannot find my status on their website any more, either. I've called and asked about it with no answers that are useful.

Sam has called every Washington contact he has and no one can touch my passport application which is somewhere in the Philly office.

And I was supposed to leave on Friday... guess that's not gonna happen. AND I'm missing a holiday with him in Amsterdam. He's still going, and I don't blame him. It's part pleasure and part business. I'm jealous and just sick about it; this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pissy pink,


Ty-Anna said...

I'm so sorry that sucks and I'm not surprised they are super slow. They can't overnight it? is it at least finished? did they tell you what stage it is at?? They should if they haven't! Of course if you really want to go bad enough you could go to an office but I'm not sure where your closest would be, possibly Illinois? and that would suck big time!!! Plus cost you extra cash an who has that when they are trying to go on a trip out of the country??

Maggie said...

Ty-Anna: you said it! I could've driven to Chicago to get it and it might have come to that!