Monday, February 9, 2009

Sam's Revenge

Sam and I talk on the phone every day. For hours and hours usually...

And before you all think the prices are crazy for international calls, he's lucky because he has an American cell phone still so we use that- no worries!

But the time difference is a really bitch- it's 5 hours- him being 5 hours ahead of me, I should say. So when he's settled in for the night and nearing bedtime, it's only 6 or 7 pm here. He's also very much a night owl and hates to sleep, a true insomniac if I ever met one (he puts me to shame there) so he often calls a bit later in the evening, closer to 1 am his time, 8 pm mine. And then we always end up talking for a few hours... There have been times in the last few weeks when he's gone to sleep near sunup.

He said there were many mornings of late when he's awoke cursing my name... hmmmmm! I don't want him cursing my name!

This is not entirely my fault, but we did decide he had to straighten out his sleeping habits. I always know when he's near the end of a conversation because he babbles in French and Spanish, sings songs from musicals or talks about puffins... ah, the ramblings and musings of the sleep deprived! Anyway, but the sleeping habits were not to be straightened out over this past weekend. Oh no!

Since Sam went to visit friends in Northern England since he was stranded in the country for the weekend, he had the pleasure of attending a costume stag and doe (British version of a bachelor and bachelorette costume party combo) and a birthday party two nights in a row. So Friday night he leaves me a message early in the day and tells me he isn't sure he'll have cell service, not sure of the plans, blah blah blah and he didn't know if he would call. BUT he called me at 3 am his time when he got home from the 70s club. And he was quite pissed- in the British way, not the American way: he was DRUNK. He drunk dialed me and I promise to let him live it down. And we ended up chatting for about 3 hours and he saw the sun come up and then went to bed, promptly. (Hmmmmm, Vampire? maybe- he has to have a fatal flaw; all men do and I haven't found his... YET!) But before signing off he said he wouldn't be calling on Saturday because it was going to be insane. Uh-huh.

On Saturday night at 11 pm EST I was in bed ready to fall asleep and thought he was actually right for once and he hasn't called. I hoped he was having a good time (okay, not too good) and I figured I'd hear all about it on Sunday night when he phoned from, hopefully, Ireland.

However, Sam decided that these last several weeks of late night phone calls for him were to be avenged. He called me when he got home from the party/clubbing. It was 6am his time and 1 am EST. I was sound asleep. And I guess when I first answered I told him I couldn't make bail... then I became more fully awake and stopped dreaming (no idea what I was dreaming that would have to do with bail...) and we talked for about 3 hours!!!

I will admit that I did fall back asleep pretty quickly but when I woke up at 10am it was my turn to curse his name. But it wasn't that bad. At least I didn't have to go to work like he usually does when this nonsense occurs.

We decided we both hate "the Pond" and life would be much simpler if we were in the same... oh say, continent! country! time zone! city! room! And... well, you get the picture!

Your sleepy

an aside: At the time of the writing of this post his plane was scheduled to depart New Castle, England on time!

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