Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spendin' time with The Divine Ms.K!

I love my niece. I really love my niece. I love her so much that I agreed to babysit for her since her regular babysitter had a family emergency.

I babysat for her for two days. Two whole days. And I would like for Booknut and Philsgirl to stop laughing at me! She's fine and I didn't drop her or break her. Now, I'm a mom. Mac is 15, soon to be 16 years old. I didn't kill him off and other than currently having weird hair and an over excessive amount of sarcasm, I think he's fine so far. But I don't remember this being so hard.

The Divine Ms. K is beautiful and happy and perfect. She is so smart and charming. She loves to be held and she is playful. She's a real pleasure of a baby. She doesn't really cry or anything terrible. She's even cutting teeth right now and isn't bad at all.

Then why the hell am I so tired? We played rattle and sang. We did the "Wheels on the bus" and rocked and napped. We talked baby talk and drank juice. We watched some TV. She used my pink Blackberry to teeth on- is drool in the keyboard covered in my insurance plan? She giggled and smiled. I don't remember the whole baby thing taking this much energy. I was 21 when I did this last time but, I just don't remember it taking this much "oomph."

I would do it again in a heartbeat, of course. She's such a charm, who can resist the love of the Divine Ms. K?

AmericaninIreland Sam and I were talking about babies on Sunday night; I was telling him I was going to be the world's best Auntie by babysitting for 2 days. I think he was worried about the fact that I was spending so much time with her and that my biological clock would start ticking. I told him it wasn't an issue. Well, I had news for him to reinforce what I was saying! In the morning of the first day, I sent him an IM that said: "Rest easy my dear. My biological clock isn't packed in a box in the garage or disabled. It's gone. I do not have one!" He thought that was hilarious. Lost of people thought the more time I spent with her, the more I would want my own baby... NOT!

I love my niece to pieces. And if her mother, Booknut, is reading this, I LOVE babysitting for her! I don't know how women work and take care of babies. I swear it wasn't this hard 16 years ago. Go MOMS!

She who is without a biological clock,


Farrago said...

Don't you know? Babies these days are coated in Melatonin. It's all the rage.

And? You're just out of practice, old-timer!

Maggie said...

Farrago- calling me old timer is just mean!