Friday, February 13, 2009

Birth control drama and other bits and pieces

When I lived in the Wild West I had a great doc, but because of an illness in her family she closed up shop and moved to Kansas- this happened right after my annual physical.

So now it's a year later and I need to get my BC pill script renewed but to do that, like all women know, I need to go for my physical. But I just moved back to Civilization and I don't have an OBGYN. I called around and the soonest I can get in with anyone is about 10-12 weeks. 10 weeks?!? But I need that script NOW.

So, I call my Wild West doc's office and chat with her old nurse who is still there but with the new doc. I tell her about the move and the lad in appointments. She gets the new doc to agree to write me a script. Then they have to call it in to a Wal-Mart Pharmacy in the Wild West. I have to call the Wal-Mart pharmacy here and the pharmacist here will call there and then I can go get my pills. I have never experienced such a mess before. I still don't have the pills in my hot little hands yet. I'm supposed to call on Saturday and make sure it all happened. We also have the 2 hour time difference to contend with and did I mention today is Friday the 13th so I'm sure this will not work out as smoothly as I hoped?

In other news... Sam and I have a phone date tonight. I know that sounds silly but we're just gonna set aside time for us to blab for as long as we want- and we're each breaking out a bottle of wine and will settle in for a good talk. He likes me. I kinda think he's swell too.

No passport yet and that is making me cranky. I am now officially NOT a fan of the US State Department. According to their web site on the day my was posted in the mail, I should've received it by now! I made a phone call or two and it looks like I'm going to have a better chance of seeing Sam in April in San Fran, CA than I will getting to Ireland at the end of this month.

My sub schedule was changed today and I subbed for- of all things- a calculus class and other advanced maths. Obviously they were on their own. I have no idea what a logarithm even is. It was a lovely way to fell stupid all day. BUT it was a huge step up for me since I had been subbing in special ed. all week.

And did I mention I read 4 novels this week? Gee, I love subbing.

It's Friday the 13th- upheaval is par the course, right?

Fate tempter,


Ty-Anna said...

what did they say when you called? I use to work there so I know what they are "really" saying haha and the passport system SUCKS!!

Hecate said...

I never had to get a yearly physical when I was on the pill. That's weird. Could also be cause maybe I was never on the pill long enough to warrant the yearly physical. LOL

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the BC thing!

And have fun n your date!


The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL..wicked thoughts here..

Good thing you don't need BC for a phone date...

Maggie said...

Ty-Anna: had i gotten around to responding to this sooner, I was ready to beg your help to see where and what the hell was going on!

Hecate- be glad; it's a pain in the... well not arse, but close to that general area! ;)

Patti- thanks!

WOW- shame on you! ;) he seemed pretty happy when I told him I got it all straightened out... hmmmm? ;)