Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm terrible- I know!

I apologize to all of you for not reading your blogs. I was doing so well and then... everything went to hell in a hand basket. My time had just gotten away from me, somehow. Between driving Mac's play practice car pool, subbing, my trip, sewing, packing, laundry, and whatever the hell else I do (I have no idea other than nap. I love napping; napping is good) and talking on the phone to Sam (ohhhhhhhhh, that could be where all my time goes....), I have not read your blogs. Your wonderful, funny, witty, grand blogs. I'm so very sorry! And I want to say I'll do better but.... with Ireland looming in front of me in 6 days (!!!!!!!) I know I won't So I'm sorry!

But here's a deal- I'm going to read everyone and get all caught up before I go. then I'll be a total slacker the entire time I'm in Europe but give me a few days once I get back, get resettled, un-jetlagged and unpacked, then I promise to get back in my routine.

Thanks to all of you who keep on reading me even though I make ghost like non-appearances at your blogs!!!!!

Begging your pardons,


Ty-Anna said...

no need to apologize :-) I like reading your blog!

Farrago said...

Who are you? Do I know you?

But doesn't matter that you haven't been reading what I haven't been writing. 8P

Maggie said...

ty-Anna- thank you!

farrago- you have a point...