Monday, April 13, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

It's raining and I feel like whining... it's dark and cold and blustery. I don't feel well- I have a wracking cough and wheeze as I breathe. I don't feel "sick" but I don't feel "good". I wasn't called to substitute teach today. I haven't heard from Sam, which is totally silly because of his travel the last 2 days and I knew I probably would NOT hear from him but it still sucks. I just wanted one of those small "love you" emails. Drat! I'm PANICKING about not having a job so I'll be venturing out in the cold and wet, feeling sick, and apply for part time waitress jobs, and counter help at local shops, so I have income- thank the goddess for Daddy-O or I would be homeless, and living in a cardboard box. Mac didn't feel well yesterday and I feel bad about that because no one wants to have a sick child, even when that child is 16 years old. (He did say his father would be sending him to the doctor today since his throat and ear both hurt...)

Usually I like the rain, usually I like sound and the darkness in the day time... well, not today for it's so dreary and sad. And I just feel so... ick. I would much rather layabout and skulk about but... alas, no.

So, I'm off to shower and then to apply for jobs that would at least give me steady spending money and to pay some bills. Can I network through my blog? Email me if you have job connections, please! I'm willing to move yet again to find work...

I realize it could be worse- I truly realize that, I do- but today it's my turn to be just a bit whiny and feel sorry for myself and just hate it.

Pathetically yours,


Curley said...

Ah, sweetie, I know I'm not Sam, but I do love you and hope you feel better soon. You know that I'll keep my ears open for any jobs that I hear about.

Red from Ktown said...

I know how it feels to be "sick"...I just went through the most horrific 24 hour vomit-fest, all while having that upper chest cold junk thing...I didn't think you could get both at the same time! Hopefully the 'vomit-fest' will skip you!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny - chin up!

Maggie said...

Curley- I love you too!

Red- OMG, I hope hope hope that I don't get the vomit thing. I hope you feel better too!