Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This post has a Seinfeld-esque Quality to it

So... I guess I should write about something other than being dumped by Sam and being heartbroken over being dumped by Sam, right?

I should also write about something other than subbing- which I'm not doing much of- or not being able to find a job- which I haven't been able to do- or the weather- will this fucking rain ever end?-. Shit, I suppose I could make a job for myself and build an ark since it's raining so much and kill 2 birds with one stone. Which is a sorta an inappropriate idiom when talking about an ark since in the story of Noah he brings the animals on by twos- and my luck I would kill two birds with one stone, even though my aim is terrible, and then have like... robins... be extinct, or something and really piss off an non existent god... Hmmmmmm, did I just have an ADOS moment?

I had a few good blogging ideas-- but only after I read stuff that other bloggers wrote and I was like, "Why the fuck didn't I think of writing about that?" And now if I blog like that, they'll read me and think I'm stealing their intellectual property and then sue me, but you can't get blood out of a turnip (I can say that, right? The Bible didn't have the Noah guy doing anything with veggies, did it?) and then my blog will be shut down, which might not be such a bad idea.

I was going to save my explanation of why Sam dumped me for today and do something related to yesterday's infamous date of 4/20... but that would add to my depression- that I was not partaking in such a "holiday."

And if anyone new decided to read my blog of late, they would think it was utter and total ca-ca and they would be right. Shit... maybe blogging is overrated and I've worn out my welcome in the blogging world (I can use that expression because there wasn't anyone around to welcome that Noah guy and his stinky animals when the waters went down so he couldn't wear out a welcome. Which is a good thing because I bet if there HAD been people when he docked, he would've been killed with the stank he would've sailed into port). I should just hang it up.

I used to be a witty and conversational writer, who could turn a phrase and engage my reader in my humorous narratives. And now.. feh. I got nuttin'. Bupcus. Zippola. Nada.

Ack... I thought before I moved here from the Wild West that my Muse left before I did, that bitch, and arrived here in Civilization before me. Come to find out, she didn't get here- she just left. Completely. Hmmm, story of my life, eh? That Muse bitch is probably in Dublin... oh man, I so do NOT want to go there.

Did I mention I haven't been sleeping much of late? And this has noting to do with PMS, either. Damn, I hate the Mean Reds...

Posting about nothing,


Curley said...

You better not get shut down. I would miss reading you too much. You are funny even when you have the mean reds. Keep your chin up.

Jimmie Earl said...

Huh? :)

You are still funny even when rambling, making much ado about nothing. Keep on writing. JE

Farrago said...

I dunno, that bit about building the ark and killing two birds with one stone was perty dern funny for having been written by someone whose muse has supposedly abandoned her.

You've been through these blahs before and, suck as they might, you will work your way out of them. I still get blue over the fact that I'm unemployed, but I've been on a tear with status update puns and quirky thoughts over on my Facebook page. I've sort of lost job-hunt momentum, but I'm confident I'll find something either freelance or permanent.

You're of the hardier gender. Be of the strength you know you possess. And kick ass.

Maggie said...

Curely- okay, okay. I have the mean reds on the run... and you know most of what goes on anyway, without having to read it here!

JE- I'll try... I have some ideas all of a sudden!

Farrago- thanks for the great words. You rock.

The blues suck, but I hate having the mean reds (please please please tell me you know this reference!?!)

And I hope something happens for you job wise soon-- we can share a cardboard box on a Chicago corner if necessary. :)