Friday, May 8, 2009

Not just one, but 2... and room for a third!

So I told ya'll I'm doing telemarketing for a local insurance agent? That's about 7-8 hours a week.

The weird guy who asked my age when I dropped off my resume- here's the third part of that odd story. Remember I told you that he and I were playing phone tag and he had wanted to interview me? Well, I finally reached him on the phone and the conversation went something like this:

me: Hi this is Maggie O'Sullivan returning your call.
him: hmmmmmmm.
me: you called me Monday about the clerical position and we've been exchanging phones calls this week?
him: what experience do you have?
me: [Readers, I'll spare you the details but I gave a brief summation of clerical experience here.]
him: hrmuph.
me: *said nothing*
him: Well, I don't really remember calling you at all but if I get back to thinking of hiring someone I'll call you next week.

And then he hung up the phone. I think this one might be a wash... ya think?

And finally, the ice cream parlor finally called and hired me today. It looks like I'll be a "Scoop Girl" about 25 hours a week, noon to 5pm Monday thru Friday. I'm not sure what else I can say about this, other than the hours are ideal and at least I don't have to wear a funny uniform or hat and they won't call me a "Cone Girl."

How many scoops would you like?


D-nice said...

could you send me one of the ice cream parlors stawberry shakes they make the best ones and i cant seem to find a truly good one out here!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just show up one day and ask where your desk is. When he questions you just tell him that he hired you last week and he just doesn't remember!! Oh...and don't forget to give your fine self a decent salary.

The law firm I wanted to work at finally has an opening! I interviewd yesterday and she said they would make a decision by Tuesday. Hours are 1p-5p Monday through Friday. Hope I get it. If not, I'll just give up.

Good luck being a "Scoop Girl". Any place that has hot fudge and caramel is okay by me!!

Have a good weekend.