Saturday, March 31, 2012

The power of the bow

I was at the check out line at Walgreens the other day and the woman who was the cashier had a bow in her hair. She was probably about 45-48 years old, had really short frosted blond hair, was a bit hefty and she had this little, bitty bow in her hair. It was cute, really, but I wasn't sure what I thought of it on a woman her age.

She saw me staring at the bow and I felt caught gawking so I smiled and told her "cute bow". Well, holy shit, did that ever burst a dam in this woman.

She gush a huge "THANK YOU HONEY!!!" and patted my arm and patted her bow and preened a little bit.

She said she wears a bow in her hair every single day no matter what and has for yeas and has bows to match every thing she owns, even her Walgreens smock.

I wasn't sure what to say so I sorts smiled and mumbled "cool" or "nice" or something like that.

She went on to tell me it just makes her feel so much BETTER about life and so much BETTER about herself to wear a bow. I'm still smiling, wishing she wasn't holding my change hostage.

She also told me that she just never had customer mad at her because it's so hard for people to yell at someone with a bow in their hair. I smile and double blink trying to hold back the laughs. Really???

She said, as she handed me my milk and money, that life is so much better with a bow.

Wonder if I should try that life altering fashion trick?

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Curley said...

I think whatever makes you feel better about yourself and life in general is great and if all it takes is a little bow....