Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Whodunit party to start with

Well, I've now decided I just don't have enough on my plate that I've decided to host 3 reading parties- cum- book club for kids at school.

The kids can apply and I'll take 10 of them. Those picked will get to attend a mystery party next week. It's like a mystery dinner theater but without the dinner (we'll have snacks!). I have a scripted party for them called "The Body in the Library" (<--- real original, eh?) and it's geared for teens. They'll be given clues and information and can solve the crime. Sort of like the game CLUE.

Then those kids will be given a book to read and in the middle of April we'll reconvene and have a book discussion and then have snacks and watch the Tim Curry film called CLUE, which is a spoof of the board game.

I was going to have the kids all read And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and I started reading it. I figured not a single kid would finish the book; heck, I DIDN'T want to finish it. So I've been doing some hunting around on the 'net and found a book called The Westing Game. I haven't read it but I will, right along with the kids. It's supposed to be a teen book and it won a Newberry. That doesn't mean it's great, but the description sounds like something similar. AND several librarians I spoke with recommended it. We shall see!

I think it sounds like fun and the kids have been really excited about it so I hope it all comes together. I have to recruit people to work my party and order the snacks. And make the invitations. And And And... haha!

After the mystery party, I'm planning a scavenger hunt and then hoping to come up with a modern day treasure hunt type of book. (I'd love to take them on a GeoCache hunt but I would need an amazing amount of people to pull that off). For the last one I want to do a food theme; we can do something foodie and they can read something food themed. Please feel free to suggest titles for either of these ideas!

So that's one thing that's taking up my time these days!


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Curley said...

I so think you have lost your mind. I refer you to your previous post. Sounds like lots of work but fun for the kids.