Friday, March 9, 2012

I Twitter but there's stuff I don't understand; same issue with Nook

Okay, so I Twitter but I need a class to get down all the lingo and jargon and what it all means. Is there a Twitter 101?

What #FF mean? Why do people say that or do that?

Also, I see that lots of people comment back to someone like @maggiemaeos but what's the original comment that started it all? And sometimes when I read the @whatever I'm not sure what the response is and what's the original comment.

And can I get to some of these links via the 'net, like to read book reviews or see recipes? Do I have to log into my Twitter online to do that? I don't always have the time or battery power to do it on my phone.

What's Pintrest and why is everyone on Twitter using it? Should I be pintresting?

I think I figured out trending but if anyone wants to clarify this, I'm open to another explanation.

And my big Nook problem is can I really lend and borrow books from people I don't know? If so, how?

And when I look at a book on Nook to buy and it has a "lending" tag, what does it mean?

Maybe I need to move somewhere where there is no technology? Or not this much technology?

I'm so in over my heard,


sam said...


Go to Facebook. Just sign up for a month. Thought I'd hate it but I don't. The are no confusing symbols. You can set your accout as private as you want. Have jimmy Earl pull up my Facebook and see what he gets. It should be nothing. Put in my name and city.


Maggie said...

sam/P- I'll use JE's FB and see if he'll let me see your page! :)

And I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to my dear friend Lilith who sent me an email answering all my questions in this post!!! Thank you Lilith! You're amazing, and I really appreciate it!