Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update 2 of the Computer Crash

In a word:

The saga continues. Click here to get caught up to now. Go on, I'll wait. I'll be here.

As of today... well, the head of IT called and said he did all he could and the Feb. 23 update will not work because it was corrupt. He said I have to take the 7 week loss and use the last usable update from January.

Okay, again it's better than starting over as if I had lost everything.


This afternoon I tried to log into the program and it wouldn't open. I got the original error message from last week: the program is gone, doesn't exist, no paths, no drivers, no server, no info. I have no idea what the heck is going on.

I call the head of IT back and of course he doesn't answer so I leave him a detailed voice mail. I let him know I will be at my desk from 11:45 am until 3:30pm and he can call, come over, email me, text me, whatever.

And I heard NOTHING from him at all.

What and I gonna do now? I've cleaned and repaired and made copies. I've prepped several art club activities. I've covered classes for others. I think I might stay home tomorrow. Why the heck not? Because I'm out of stuff to do. This is so frustrating.


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Mellodee said...

I think that computers and all their accompanying programs, hardware, software, etc., etc.,are the biggest stressors in the business none! When something goes wrong, the frustration, and anger just shoot up like a rocket! Especially when it involves the loss of information that is not easy to re-create! I am very sorry for your loss!! What a pain!!