Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update 3 on the computer crash

This is hopefully the last post about the computer crash of 2012! Read here for all the drama.

Well on Wednesday I went to work...

And the IT guy called me first thing and had me click a bunch of stuff and nothing worked- I could NOT open the library program at all. He said he would call me back "in a few minutes." Two hours later the IT guy called me back and said he could see information on the server but he can't figure out why I can't get it. Well, gee, neither can I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had me click more stuff and when none of that worked he said he could just come over to the library and he would be there in a few minutes.

As my day went on and he never showed up I got fed up and decided to take the day off on Thursday. I spent about 90 minutes lining up stuff so I could take the day off. And about 10 minutes before I went home, the IT guy showed up and fixed it all. In ten minutes. I was out of commission for a week and a half and he fixed it in 10 minutes when he showed up. Allegedly.

I did a bunch of clicking and logging off and on and it seems to work. The bottom line is that he could restore every thing from the library program up to the day of the crash. So I lost just 1/2 a day of information- yay for some things!!!!

But I was fed up and tired of having been giving the run around from the IT department all week. I already spent 90 minutes doing leg work to take the day off. And who knows if I'll log on Monday and it will work or not.

Guess we'll see Monday because I'm not dealing with this crap today,

* I know this seems sort of blase but I think I'm just so tired of it not having worked for almost 2 weeks, the actual fix seems anti- climactic.

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Curley said...

Makes you wonder why he didn't just come over sooner. It's not like he would have had to drive miles and miles and hours and hours out of his way. I will keep my fingers crossed that all things will be good on Monday.