Monday, March 5, 2012

Update 1 of the Computer Crash

When I last left you the word was that I 1) I had a virus/ malware/ trojan on my actual computer than rendered me unable to even turn the dang machine on; and, 2) the kids hacked stuff they shouldn't and crashed the entire library software program, making it disappear and the IT department was trying to retrieve anything- circulation information, patron info, materials info but it looked like ALL OF THAT WAS GONE!

Over the weekend I got the call that the virus was contained and removed and I would need to create a new password when I logged on Monday. As for the library software.... well, they were still "working on it."

So, at work today, I had high hopes, like that little ol' ant. When I got to work and went to turn on my computer, the tower was gone. Well, that's a new development because I was told all I had to do was log on with a new password. I called IT and they had to get my tower to see if the library software was a problem on my computer only or network wide and they would return it "sometime this morning." Okay...

When I finally got my machine back, and the idiot tech guy spent 20 minutes trying all the different cables, I could go online and check my mail and all that seemed normal. The library software was still being worked on, I was told.

Later in the day the head of IT called and said for me to try to log in the library stuff. He said he found a back up of all my library info from January 20. I logged on and there it was. The problem was that ANYTHING i did between January 20- to now was gone. Any books I added or deleted from the collection were gone, all circulation records were gone, all new patrons added or old patrons were deleted. BUT the upside is that I don't have to start from scratch. I printed a list of materials that the computer indicated were currently checked out and I was going to start fixing the mess when the head of IT called and said he found a backup from Feb 23 and if I could wait another day, he would update the library software with that back up.

Well, HECK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can wait a day. If he can make the Feb 23 update work, then I lost only 2 days worth of information. Only 2 days as opposed to 7 weeks. (But yes I know that 7 weeks is better than starting from scratch...)

I'm patiently waiting to see what happens tomorrow. Will they or won't they be able to make it happen!?!


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