Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break Books and other vacay plans& dreams

So spring break starts on Friday!!! This is the big perk of education. That being said... what am I going to do with a week off? Well since I never have any money, I shall dedicate myself to the pursuit of fine literature. Or I'll read a bunch of stuff I have in my TBR stack that in no way, shape nor form is declared "fine" nor "literature" but I'm going to read it nonetheless.

Though... a brief aside... since I haven't been teaching for several years I feel rather shabby about the fact that i neglect reading anything considered to be a classic. Since I had to teach classics I was always reading such along with my personal selection of material but now I just read anything that suits my fancy and of late, that runs toward the... well... the beach reads, if you will. Cotton candy for the brain. something delicious and fun and that I can devour in hours or even a day. The running joke in my family is that no one reads what I like because I read "smart intellectual analytical" books, either of the fiction or non-fiction variety. But lately that hasn't been true at all, and the trend will continue through my Spring break. After all, I should read beach reads even if I won't be at the beach, right? I can PRETEND!

So the Spring Break line up of reading is Kill Alex Cross (Patterson, James- like I need to even put his name here?), Defending Jacob (William Landay), Home Front (Kristen Hannah), The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern) and Explosive 18 (Evanovich). If time allows I'll finish my Pat Conroy's My Reading Life. This should take care of all the books I have from various libraries and will then let me dedicate my reading time to stuff on my Nook- either that I bought or that I checked out as a library ebook.
I have plans to have a girlie day with my friend Lilith and another one with XRayGirl, and a family day with some cousins. That's it, other than reading.
Unless a windfall comes my way, that is. If so, then I'm temporarily ditching the books and heading to Memphis- Elvis is calling my name.


Curley said...

Did you know that there is a "gently used purses and jewerly sale at the women's club house in town on Saturday?

booknut said...

If you get bored, you can come help me take Easter pics of the kidlets!