Saturday, March 24, 2012

Random Saturday stuff because I don't know what else to write about

McDonald's oatmeal, with fruit and brown sugar, is the new love of my life.

Spring is so early this year that it's unreal. Flowering trees are blooming and flowers and it's just beautiful. I'm still a little worried that we could get snow and kill it all. And I'm worried that our new state bird is going to be the mosquito since it never got really cold this year. Oh dear!

I have a totally new, cool app for my phone that's called the dinner spinner. I actually have to shake my phone and the choices spin around and then gives recipe suggestions. It's awesome!

Daddy-O and I had been DVR-ing SMASH and neither of us liked it. I just deleted that whole thing. I love cleaning the DVR!!! It's like crossing stuff off a list.

I really need new conditioner for my hair.

Criminal Minds is no longer a marathon on Sunday afternoon and that I don't get unlimited Derek Morgan. That's makes me so sad.

I have 4 teams left on my NCAA brackets. Crashing and burning this year. I really suck at this basketball thing. I should never be an odds maker.

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