Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Saturday calls for Random thoughts

I have no idea what happened in blogger this week. Last night when I sat down to blog, 2 of my posts that I had scheduled to post.... hadn't. I opened them and clicked publish and they did. I think maybe I shouldn't touch technology this week, all things considered.

It's snowing today. Yesterday people were wearing shorts.

Mac is taking his online class midterms. I think he's working harder during these 60 minute sessions than he has during the entire courses. He got instant scores on one of the exams (except for a bonus question) and he ended up with an A. GO HIM! Yay Mac's GPA!

I'm wearing yoga pants to lounge around the house in, again. And no I'm not doing yoga. But I still haven't gone out in public in these. Yet. I'm sure I'll forget and BAM... !

I'm in the throes of laundry. Everything I have right now is wash cold and hang dry and I'm running out of places to hang. So, I guess that means I should just stop doing laundry, right?

I watched the pilot of SMASH finally on DVR. Is anyone else watching this show? Does anyone I know like it? Opinions please!

When I have a day off I lay in bed the night before and make a huge list of things I want to accomplish but when the actual day off rolls around, I end up doing very little that's on the list. I made no cards nor quilts today. I did, however, empty the dishwasher, buy groceries, fix dinner, do 2 loads of laundry (maybe 2 more if I get my detergent on), watched some back logged DVR and finished a novel. I should focus on the "dids" rather the didn'ts.

I love Adele.



Bragger said...

You've just inspired me for tonight's topic...

Thank you!

Curley said...

I have alot of those good intentions for days off that never materialize.