Sunday, March 25, 2012

Feed or starve a fever?

I think I have the flu or some virus or something like that.

I didn't "feel good" yesterday. I couldn't put my finger on it but you know when you just don't right? that's how it was for me yesterday.

As the day progressed I really knew I felt poorly. My stomach really hurt and my back and I had a headache. Did I also mention I had a terrible stomach ache? And the shakes from a fever or what I thought was a fever. And tummy troubles.

I covered up with a blanket and shivered for an hour and fell asleep, sort of an in and out of consciousness feeling. I remember waking up and laying in the bathtub in a shower, shivering. I remember wrapping up in a warm blanket and falling asleep, or passing out, or whatever.

I was staying over with a friend who helped take care of me. I woke up in the night and the fever had broken. I was covered with sweat and the bed was practically wet with it. I took another shower and got clean sheets and jammies. I ate some toast and went back to sleep.

Today I feel a little better. It's a huge better when I no longer felt like I had a fever/ chills/ uncontrollable shivers. But my stomach has still hurt all day today, and I've felt icky, sort of blobby, achy still and a little bit of a headache.

And the weird thing is that I guess last night I said i was hungry and we went to dinner to Applebees and I don't remember going at all. I guess I got sick there and we left. I don't remember AT ALL! And no alcohol was involved.

Maybe there's something going around or all the stress in my life caught up with me and it's now manifested itself in physical ailments. Or maybe I don't want to go to work tomorrow, but that doesn't explain the icks yesterday.

I dunno. Whatever it is, I hope I feel better tomorrow!



Curley said...

Yes, it's something going around. Two in the office have had it this week. So far I've been lucky.

Evil Pixie said...

Sorry you're feeling oogie. Oogie is never good. Hopefully it will pass without too much drama, but my experience with the oogie you described is it rarely does. Sorry. Sending my "get well soon" vibes your way.