Friday, March 23, 2012

Too many ways to read

I have a ton of ways to get books and I can't even begin to organize.

I now have a Nook and it's totally amazing and I love it. In addition to being able to buy books for the Nook, I can also now check out books from our public library using a program called Overdrive. That's just amazing. I can get books for 2 weeks for free and that's awesome!

And I can also use our public library and get real paper books. I can use the school library. There are books stores, too. So much! So much!

I just bought 7 books for the school library that I want to read. I decided one of the perks of being the librarian is reading books before they hit the shelves. But I feel bad because I'm not using my Nook. I carry my Nook with me everywhere just in case I get in a place where I need something to read and don't have paper.

And did I mention audio books? I'm not really a huge fan of audio books, I borrowed one from a fellow teacher. It's a book that's been on my TBR list- The Glass Castle. it's 10 CDs long so it will take me forever to listen to. I'll get in about 20 minutes a day is I only listen to and from work. (Yeah, right. That will never happen because I'm usually on the phone! haha!) Thank goodness that she doesn't want it back anytime soon.

I think i should win the lottery so I can read my life away! So many books and I have no idea where to start sometimes! What a good place to have indecision!



Annesphamily said...

I love to read too!I just haven't had the time! I would like to win the lotto too and sit down with my books!
My son's friend and his honey are expecting a baby and they are collecting the vintage Disney books. I promised them I would scour the thrift stores for them. I just found a "FRances" book my kids had when they were small. I will never part them. Frances is a little bear and she is very sweet.
I enjoyed stopping by. You have a really cool job!
Have a good week!
Hugs Anne

Curley said...

I have a hard time picking a book and all I have are hard copy. I can't imagine what it would be like if I had all the other choices. Ahh, but what fun it would be.

Bragger said...

I think you will love The Glass Castle. I did!