Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last minute updates and teasers

I didn't have a chance to talk to the principal about the nasty comment described in yesterday's post but I have a meeting with him on Monday!

I applied for a part time job (like a need another one!) to direct a school musical at a neighboring high school! More on this if it comes to fruition!

January is not having me start as a good blogger. I can't believe I forgot to blog today. Well, I didn't really forget. I thought I was going to have an update about yesterday to post this afternoon and when it didn't happen the thought of blogging flew out my head. I was swamped with the mundane today.

ITSam has his son this weekend so I have a BF free weekend. Sadly, I'm looking forward to that. I think I'm still upset about Tuesday. I don't hold grudges usually (does the one I have against my ex count?) but I'm struggling to get over this.

Speaking of the ex, SD still hasn't called Mac since the day they went shopping. What a jerk. He tells Mac he wants to try and improve their relationship and then goes on hiatus. Mac said he's waiting for the other shoe to drop. Smart kid.

My Verizon Wireless contract is up in 11 more days. Can we hear a round of applause? I think Sprint will get my business.

We [we being teachers and parents who give a crap about their kids' homework assignments] yell and yell at our teens when they write assignments in "texting" language but I have what I feel to be a legitimate question. The word "I" is spelled "I" as in "I can't wait for the weekend." So why isn't the word "are" spelled r and the word "why" spelled y and "see" spelled c? Hey, I'm just sayin'...



Mellodee said...

From last to first.....

Because English is a screwy language that hardly makes any sense at all. But please, keep holding out for real words and correct spelling!

Funny, I just changed from Sprint to Verizon! :)

Your ex is worse than a jerk!

I must have missed something. I thought you sent ITSam on his merry way months ago.

Even though I've never directed one, I love HS musical productions. The kids have such enthusiasm and are so much fun to work with.

Good luck with the discussion with the Principal. That other "teacher" should not be anywhere near a school of any kind!!

Curley said...

Because they had to do something with all those vowels. Good luck with the part-time job. If you get it I know you will turn it into a full-time project. If you need help, call. When you go see the principal,I think I would make it a what-if. Like, "What would you say if I overheard a teacher say this about a student"? Don't mention the teachers name till you are asked for it. And keep Princess' name out of it if you can. It shouldn't matter which student it was said about, it should never have been said. Be calm when reporting this.

Jimmie Earl said...

And when we spell a letter, which is confusing enough, we spell an "s" e-s-s. And if something is in shape of a "V" we spell it "vee." How confusing can this be to a person striving to learn English for the first time. No wonder immigrants try to preserve their own language. Who thought this up anyhow?


sam said...

Hey Maggie,

Good luck with the musical!

When I worked in the business ofc with BellSouth we had to type as the customer spoke. We were told to delete the vowels or abbreviate as much as possible. I still write that way. I swear, I have forgotten to spell.

Funny story.

If a customer told gave us a date they would pay their bill we would have to post an entry to "follow up for payment". Most of us wrote "fu pa" and it was clear to everyone.

One new employee wrote a more complete sentence and always typed in caps.

follow up, check payment)

We'd cracked up when her customers called us back to confirm dates and such! Or....maybe she really didn't care if the payment was made!