Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Absolutely abhorrent comment

Princess does rub some people the wrong way. As teachers, we all have students who we just don't like. As people we all have to interact with other people we just don't like. Okay. That being said...

Wait, I need to make one more clarification. In the 10 years I've been in education I have said the following things to either a family member, friend or a colleague:
  • "Oh well, I try not to worry about him since he'll end up in prison as some point."
  • "Oh well, I try not to worry about her since she'll end up serving my McFries someday."
  • "I can' wait for that bully to meet someone who'll kick his butt."
Yes, I've said these things. However, I think there's a line a teacher can cross and the science teacher made a comment to a table full of teachers at lunch today that went way beyond crossing.

The science teacher and Princess hate each other. It goes both ways and it's no secret. Science teacher sits down and starts complaining about how rotten the kids are this week. I'm sitting and eating and not speaking. I was in a hurry because I had stuff to do and I don't like sitting with those people, either.

He goes on with with rant, complaining about one kid then another. He gets to Princess. I figure I'll just shut up because I know they hate each other and teacher's need to vent, and just because I'm her mentor/ pseudo mom/ potential foster mom that I need to let him speak. Then when he speaks I think he should be struck dead by lightening.

He actually said, "I can't wait for about 3 years when [Princess] is living in a trailer park with her squally brats and her husband. No wait her boyfriend because who's gonna want to marry that mouth? And he beats the crap out of her. I can't wait because she deserves it."

He. said. that. He's a teacher and he said that.

I picked up my tray, my coat, pushed in my chair and walked away. I didn't stomp, slam, say anything, or make a scene. I wanted to say, "So, how often do you beat your wife?"

I can't believe an educator would say that about a student. I have said some crappy things, yes, but NEVER something like that. Does it make me feel worse and more angry because it's Princess? Oh hellszyeah! But I just can't believe a person who would work in a place like Alcatraz, who has to be there because it's a calling practically, should think like this, let alone even say anything this, this, this... sick, this wrong.

I was about sick. I never want to be anywhere near him again. I'm appalled.

And to think, that jerk has tenure.



Mellodee said...

And this man is a teacher?? Inexcuseable!

Anna said...

GRrrrr that really boiled my blood and brought tears to my eyes to say someone DESERVES to be beaten and treated badly like that??? I'm glad you walked out, I fear if you hadn't.. oh boy I don't want to think on that.


Princess is so blessed to have you there cheering her on!

Maggie said...

Mellodee- it really is, isn't it?

Anna- he's a horrible, horrible person. I refuse to speak to him or get near the jerk again.

Wiley said...

You SHOULD have asked how often he beats his wife. That would have been the only fitting response, other than throwing hot coffee on his lap.
Oh, ok, so discretion being the better part of valour and all that, then walking out was the fitting response, but the other two would have been good, too...

sam said...

Hi Maggie,

That man is horrible. Can you refer that conversation to the office in case he starts messing with her grades or starts spreading lies about her?

Can teachers with tenure not be fired?


PS WV=filin

As in....are ya filin betta?

Evil Pixie said...

That is appalling, which is why you shouldn't walk away without saying something. It gives him an excuse to continue speaking that way. And, if all else, I would go to the principal about his comment because it is completely inappropriate - regardless of whether they have a hate/hate relationship. He's a complete asshole.

Maggie said...

Wiley- you have no idea how badly I wanted to just beat the crap outta him.

Sam- I've thought about talking with the principal but I'm not sure how that would work since we have to be in the same building. People already feel like I give her special treatment (which I don't because I make extra special care to NOT do that!) so I don't know what would happen in the end.

And I'm feeling better, thanks for asking!

Evil P- He is a complete asshole! And see above about the principal thing.

Jimmie Earl said...

Didn't you just tell me that the Pastor and CEO out there were thinking of ways to make a positive statement to the students and faculty? I fail to see why this "asshat" should be kept on staff. Should tenure even apply here? This is not a positive statement for the faculty to accept, let alone applying it to the student body. I say, "off with his head." Or in other words, get him the heck off the faculty one way or another before he does any more harm.

Curley said...

My question is,"What did all the other staff that were sitting in earshot say or do?" If none of them said or did anything about this idiot's rant, then they are all just as bad as he is. I'm sorry but at the very least one of them should report it. Totally goes against their Mission Statement I would think.

Honey said...

All teachers make comments regarding students when they are letting off steam out of frustration. I have done it. Is it right? Probably not but in my 12 years of teaching, I have had several students that I wanted to hang up by the thumbs and have let off steam about BUT I have NEVER made such a comment regarding any student no matter how much they rubbed me the wrong way. The nerve of him to say such a thing and actually be wishing harm come to a student is inexcusable. It sounds like this jerk is a very bitter and jaded person that needs to find a new job. These kids need to have people that believe in them, teach them that everyone deserves a second, third and yes, sometimes a fourth or fifth chance in life and help guide them into being the best that they can be at whatever level that is for that student. They do not need someone telling them that they are no good or making them feel that way. The world is cruel enough and teaching students compassion, kindness and not all of the world is cruel & heartless is what they need.

I, honestely, don't know how you didn't say anything. That comment deserved a response at least to the effect of "I don't appreciate that comment. Besides it being inexcusable, it is highly inappropriate & unprofessional. Plus, you need to remember she is someone's child and how would you feel if a teacher spoke about your child in such a manner?"

I would bring this to the attention of the principal, ask his/her advice about it but it NEEDS to be brought to light so he knows that even though he may be blowing off steam, a comment like this is not acceptable.

Jimmie Earl said...

At the school where I taught, one of the teachers was "letting off steam" about a student in the teacher's lounge (read here...two former closets with the wall removed between them) and someone that was privy to the conversation went to the principal. We all got terse notices from him about gossiping about students! Rooms have ears!
I think the worst remark I ever said about a student was that he/she was wasting good air that some student who cared could be breathing. Not very respectable now that I look back on it. (Even if it was true!)