Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not ready to make nice

My library computer died today.

I checked books out all morning. When I got back from lunch and went to check out a book, I got an error message. I couldn't log back in without getting the same error message over and over again.

I let kids checkout books the rest of the day and just wrote the info down. Not a big deal, it seems, right?

I also should point out that 98% of campus used the library today. It was the first day we were open after a long Christmas break so all three English teachers brought all their students into day and all of them got at least one book, most of them got two.

So, at the end of the day I called our IT School Support guy. This is NOT ITSam. This guy is a liaison between the school and the IT department. So I called my Liaison and he came and did some stuff to my computer and discovered that not one single book I check out to student, nor any books I checked in or new library cards I issued were in the computer any longer. A called was placed to our library software support department and they went 10 rounds.

What it all came down to was that no back up files were made due to an errors someone made 3 years ago. Okay, so then we just go to our server, right? So our Liaison calls ITSam who says that he can't get that information because it was all corrupt. WHAT???

All day long different people called the ITSam department and reported our email wasn't working and we kept getting "can't connect to the server" message. ITSam's response to everyone all day was that there was nothing wrong with the server.

So now at the end of the day, after about 200 hundred books went out the library door to a school filled with kids who are mostly criminals, nothing is checked out. The computer shows all the books as "in." OMG... and did I mention that the majority of the books that were checked out were new books that I processed right before Christmas?

ITSam said that he could get information off the server when it did the morning back up but after that, the information is corrupt. So wait a minute. First he said it wasn't his server's fault, then he said my library computer wasn't on his server, then he said he could only get some information? Which story is right here?

I told him at the end of the day we were NOT going to discuss this at home. I was in tears at work over this whole debacle and I didn't want to talk about it with him. He said it wasn't his fault. I said I thought it was his department's. Mac stepped in and said to ITSam, "Dude, just back off mom. She thinks you're wrong and you think you're not. She said not to talk about it and man, I've known her a lot longer than you. Walk away from it while you can, before she annihilates you." We agreed to not talk about it.

The evening went on fine and after dinner I wanted to run out to Big R to see about a sweater sale. Well, ITSam couldn't let well alone. We argued about it and it was ugly. When we got back from Big R he said he just wanted me to drop him off at home, and I said I planned on it. And that was that.

I was right, by the way.

I might not be healthy for me to date a man with whom I work.


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