Thursday, January 13, 2011

The list of 40 things to do before I turn 40! The final list is here!

Well here is the long awaited list. Here are the 40 things I'm going to do before I turn 40. The big day is September 26, 2011 so I have a good nine months (plus a little more) to get these 40 things done!

As I complete each thing, I'll blog about it, and when applicable I'll show photos. I'll have the list in my sidebar and cross off the list as I get it finished!

And because I'm a tad obsessive-compulsive (okay more than a tad. And we could say anal- retentive) I have one thing I can cross off already- get highlights! I needed to start on the right foot and on the plus side.

Since it's my list and my rules, I've decided I can combine things when I want. I can also change the list as needed (hey, my blog, my birthday, my rules). For example, I can dye a streak of pink in my hair but I have to do it over a period of time when I won't be in school because it's against policy. I might only have it in for 2 weeks and then color over it but I'll still count it. I also want to get my nose pierced but Daddy-O said as long as I live with him, absolutely not. I don't have an exact reason as to why I "can't" but his house, his rules (I remember my mom made him sleep on the couch when he got his ear pierced so the no nose thing is interesting. *A-Hem* Just an observation!) . And I like having shelter, food, electricity, Internet, so no nose ring. BUT if I move out before the BIG BIRTHDAY the nose ring will happen, something on the list will be bumped, hence the concept of changing it! Ditto moving to Europe, winning the lottery, etc.

The cool thing is that I've never done these 40 things. I tried to come up with stuff that I could afford, that I wanted to do, that interested me, that was realistic and were also affordable. I also wanted to keep it as things I've never done. I might have done a variation but not "exactly" as it's listed to accomplish here.

I also wanted to be realistic. I would love to put "Win the lottery" on here but that's out of my control, same as "Marry Johnny Depp", "Win an Oscar" and "be as thin as Julia Roberts." All of these are out of my control and not realistic. Like in magic, you can't control the free will of others!

This is certainly not a Bucket List, of sorts. That would have LOTS of travel involved which also involves LOTS of money and time, neither of which I have much of right now. But it's a nice list of goals to say I've done before I turned 40.

It's funny because as I spoke with friends and family as I complied, it was pretty cool to hear all the stuff I've already done. people would make suggestions and it was fun to say "did that" or "checked it off already", etc. (That will be a post sometime- a list of suggestions that I've already done!)

I'm also going to give myself permission to not get them all done. If I don't then I don't. It's something to strive for. I have 257 days, counting today, to get them all done.

I hope my friends and family will be part of the fun; be my partners in crime of sorts! I also wish Bragger lived closer because I see that our lists are quite similar and we could take names and kick butt! And thanks to Bragger for our conversations about our lists (she's doing 50 before 50!)!

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions. I appreciate it. What I appreciate even more is how much you all really "know" me. You recommended things that are so completely "me". Thank you! Please don't be offended if I didn't pick your ideas- it was probably either because I did it or because it was out of affordability.

So without further ado, here's the list!!!!!!

1. Dye a streak of pink in my hair.
2. Get highlights in my hair
3. Lose 10 pounds
4. Give a make over (facial, pedi, mani) to a friend
5. Bake cookies to send to troops rather than eat them all myself!
6. Make a Baked Alaska
7. Cook an exotic dish or a fix a food I've never prepared before
8. Make homemade bread 2 or 3 times
9. Eat at a restaurant I've never been to before
10. Plant an herb garden, and then use the herbs when cooking
11. Tour a vineyard
12. Drive part of Route 66
13. Take a day hike, or part of a day hike, on a portion of the Appalachia Trail
14. Take a mini-road trip to somewhere I've never been
15. Meet one of my blogging buddies
16. Get a globe, give it a spin, and blindfolded, pick a place and then learn all about it!
17. Join a monthly book club with my friend who keeps inviting me
18. Read a book by a Russian author (the English translation)
19. Leave a couple books around with inscriptions that they're free to those who find them
20. Read 7 books that are considered "classics"
21. Subscribe to a new magazine and actually read it before the next issue arrives
22. Take a day to do nothing but lay around in my jammies, reading my back issues of 2010 fashion magazines, and eating junk food
23. Mail a postcard to "Post Secrets"
24. Memorize poems that make me laugh or feel good
25. Buy a CD by an artist I've never heard before and listen to the entire thing
26. Learn to play an instrument or re-learn one I already know how to play
27. Learn to juggle
28. Take ballroom dancing lessons
29. Take a zumba class
30. Take a pottery class
31. Take a spinning class
32. Take a jewelry making class
33. Take a yoga class
34. Try to learn a craft I've never done before
35. Perform a random act of kindness
36. Volunteer at a charitable/ not for profit organization
37. Make a list of 40 things that are wonderful about turning 40
38. Re-arrange/ re-decorate my bedroom
39. Attend synagogue
40. Watch a classic Christmas film I've never seen like White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, or A Christmas Story



Anonymous said...

come to FL

Meet one of my blogging buddies


Maggie said...

TaDa- if I came to FL I could meet you and Sam/P and come home through Georgia and met Bragger!!! And I've never been to Georgia so I would be able to cross off 2 things at once and meet three great women!

Thanks for the invite- be careful, I just might take you up on it!

Curley said...

I volunteer for #4. Any or all 3. 30, 32 and 34 could all count for the same thing because I think pottery and jewelry making are crafts. And you could pin a fake pink streak in your hair and then you could wear it anytime you wanted. Sounds like fun.

sam said...

Hi MM,

If you come to Fl you'll complete 7,9,11,14 and 15 in one shot.

Not too bad!

Where in Fl did ITSam come to?


Evil Pixie said...

Come this way and I'll teach you how to juggle (it's one of my super powers). That will tick of two items on your list. :)

Bragger said...

If we get together, we can cross one thing off my list and TWO off yours, because I will so let you do the facial, mani, pedi thing.

Gulo said...

You should have known I would ask....what's a synagogue?

Maggie said...

Curly- I'm goning all out and doing the pink steak for real. And see what happens- heehee! And you are right- they could!

Sam/P- OMG!!! That would be awesome! It's gonna so happen. The question is when?

And he was in Cape Canaveral!

Bragger- actually if we meet, and I come to you, it would be three since I've never been to Georgia either! Can you beleive it?

Gulo- it's a Jewish church, for lack of a better description! :)

booknut said...

If you want help/company for any of these items, I am available!! And kudos on the great list. I should make a list of 30 things to do before I'm 30! But then I'd only have 2.5 months to complete the list.

Jimmie Earl said...

I considered a list of 66 things to do before I turn 66, but I got so tired of even thinking about it, that I took a nap!