Sunday, January 9, 2011

Relaxing is necessary

This is the first weekend in about 8 months where I didn't have 'plans.' When I say plans I mean even things that were under my control that I scheduled, that were fun, when I was working or had obligations for Mac or family stuff. This is the first weekend I didn't make any plans to do anything, with friends and family, to work, not a single thing.

And I loved it.

Yesterday I slept until noon. My body must've needed the rest. Seriously, I didn't stay up all night on Friday; I was in bed by midnight. I lazed around in my pj's until almost 2pm when I decided to take Mac to a movie. But on the way to the theater, I blew a tire so ITSam drove out and changed the tire to the mini donut spare. (Mac and I tried to change it! We got as far as trying to the tire off and it wouldn't budge. Apparently the rim thingy was bent. It took Mac and Sam to both yank it off, after kicking it, swearing at it, and beating it with a tire iron... Anyway...) When we got back into town we stopped to see XRay Girl at the ice cream parlor and then I came home and read all night.

Today I plan on more lazy. ITSam and I talked about going to see Country Strong but with the mini tire I don't want to take my car out of town so that's off the list

It's really cold here today, the sort of day when you just want to stay inside. I might watch something off Netflix, or I might just read. I have about a million chores I could be doing but I just need to be a worthless layabout. I'm healthy and well and I just want to enjoy doing nothing.

Hope your Sunday is this relaxing!



Curley said...

Enjoy the day. I'm up to the usual, laundry and shopping later. Yeah, out into the cold I go. Have fun.

Jimmie Earl said...

Don'tcha just love days like that? Talk about being a layabout; I still have to take down the Christmas tree. Maybe if you use my car tomorrow while you are getting new treads, and I can't go anyplace, I will get the darn thing down. Next year, I am rethinking that big huge tree. Maybe the smaller one is the better idea. You know, less is more!

Maggie said...

Curley- I will. You enjoy your day, too!

JE- I know days like that. I think I'm going to be really good at retirement when the time comes!

Anna said...

Glad to read you are healthy and well AND that you're lazing about enjoying it :-) That's one thing I've learned in the past few years is to LISTEN to my body and enjoy!

Maggie said...

Anna- I wish I had more weekends like those!