Friday, January 14, 2011

Car and library updates; plus a day off that wasn't

Well the car started! Finally!

ITSam and a guy from work went out and put in some sort of new filter and sprayed some stuff on some part (obviously I didn't listen when I was told all the details.) It still didn't start. Sam consulted with 3 mechanics and all three said the same thing: bad gas caused water or ice in my fuel line. All said the same solution: put a bottle of HEET in the gas tank.

So XRay Girl and I (ITSam would've done with but I already had girl time with her planned) go to Big R and buy HEET, which was on sale for 99 cents a bottle- thank you Curly for spotting that bargain- then we headed out to the car. At 9pm. In the parking lot in the middle of the country. While it was snowing. I poured the stuff in and the car started up like it had never stopped running. Now how weird was that??????

Thank god for small favors! It started again in the morning and after school and is fine. Today is pay day so all the mechanics concurred again that I get fuel (somewhere else with a better reputation) and fill it up and add another can of HEET! Also, thank god for Sam. I swear- a car problem that I didn't have to handle or manage. I'd marry him for the sole reason of NEVER having to deal with a car problem again!

As for my student in the library... today is her last day with me. After many meetings with the powers that be, we decided it's really more of a hindrance than a help. She'll be doing something else- I've no idea what. So rather than coming to work with me for 3 periods a day, she'll just be there for 1. One is good. One is do-able, manageable. One I can live with one easily. And the work study supervisor told me if all else fails, let her read magazine and newspapers and books if I have nothing else for her to do. (She likes magazines!)

Lastly, yesterday at school the power went off during lunch. After all the right people made all the right phone calls, we were told that the power would be off for 3-4 hours. So our residential staff canceled school and sent all the kids to their campus housing. As a staff we had to wait for the actual school system to cancel us before we could go home. As our principal is on the phone being told we can go home, the power came ON. We all went back to our classrooms (library) and the kids were called back. All we really missed was about 35 minutes of school. So close, yet so far!



Bragger said...

What a relief about the car. Those issues drive me crazy faster than just about anything else. As for the almost-day-off........ It's really not fair that we have missed an entire WEEK. I'm not complaining, though.........

Curley said...

Glad you got your car back. Teachers weren't the only ones that were hoping for the day off. Hunter boy was complaining, "Just 15 more minutes and we could have gone home."