Saturday, January 29, 2011

What doesn't kill you makes you...

So, you know how I have take a spinning class and take a yoga class on my 40 before 40 list? And lose 10 pounds? Well, I now have no excuse to not do the first two which are the steps to either the third one, or steps to death. Could go either way.

A friend of mine from work gave me 2 free passes to our YMCA. Our Y gives members passes to give to friends who are non-members. Cool idea and cool for me.

I said I wished I could afford a Y membership and we were all talking about how prohibitive it is. It was funny that everyone at the table thought it was spendy yet everyone but me belonged. Everyone there either had a discount membership or a free one because of where their spouse worked. So later in the afternoon this colleague friend gave me 2 of her free passes. AWESOME!

So I hopped on the Y website and you will never believe what I found. In the month of February they are holding their very first "Beginners Yoga" class. One hour a week for 4 weeks. On Tuesdays. AND they are also trying out, for the second time to see if it's as successful as the first time, a "Beginning Spin" Class. One hour a week for 4 weeks. On Wednesdays.

Since I have these passes I can go to the first class for free to try it out. If I like it I can pay for the rest of the classes or if I don't, then forget it and move one, thank you very much.

It just seems like fate, doesn't it?

Guess what I'll be doing on Tuesday night, and God help me if yoga doesn't kill me, then a spin class on Wednesday. And I'll blog about both--- unless I'm dead from all the exercise.



Curley said...

Have fun.

Maggie said...

Curly- fun? I hope. I'm worried about death.

Bragger said...

I survived my first 5K and am even planning to do ANOTHER one, so maybe you'll have the same reaction to yoga or the spin class. Or both! I've already done the yoga; spin class is next on my list. Even as a cyclist, I'm nervous about that one.