Monday, January 17, 2011

New meaning to hand held computer

The Verizon contract has come to its bitter end and I'm now taking a new adventure into the world of cell phones. Not only do I have a new phone and with a new carrier we shall refer to as Sprint, I also have joined with ITSam and am on his contract. So many chances I'm taking here! Who said almost turning 40 is no longer full of adventure!

And what a phone did I get. Before I reveal all that is my new phone I want to point out I had an EnV 2. I could text and talk. I could download cool ringtones. I could use the calendar feature. If I wanted to pay a small fortune and sacrifice my first born to the cell phone gods, I could've gotten email and the Internet on it but I didn't. I would talk, text, calendar, use the alarm feature and use the calendar. It had a camera on it that I used in photographic emergencies, and I could email the picture off my phone to my email as a text. That was the extent of the coolness factor of the EnV2.

I now have a HTC EVO 4G phone. Basically I have a mini computer that is also a phone. The HRC is Sprint's version of the iPhone. I'm online. I have apps. I've already got the Kindle app and the screen is big enough I could read an entire book on it. It will also act as an iPod. Apparently I'll be able to put my music from my iTunes on it. Yeah, I have a computer for a phone. I can take pictures and text. I can load my pictures from my computer on it. I can blog from it. I can surf the web on it. I'm just overwhelmed with the coolness of it all. And I am super excited that it seems fairly easy to use (SO FAR!!!) and when I get stumped, I can actually walk into Best Buy, Radio Shack or a Sprint store for help! (As opposed to using my old Verizon phone when I had to go to the Verizon store for help, which was usually a 20-45 minute wait. Yeah, great.)

Did I mention I got to keep my cell phone number? They "ported" it over, whatever that means in lingo. For me it means, I get my same number so there's no hassle in changing it with everyone. I also got all my contacts, pictures and ringtones ported, so I didn't have to re-download everything nor re-enter everything. That is awesome!

It's really weird. I'm never the person with new technology. I'm usually the last one to get it, if I get it at all. I'm sure this is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more phone than I need. But it sure is FUN! I mean, it's really cool to say I have 'apps'. And I will never be caught anywhere without a book ever again, which is supremely awesome. I'll always have cool music, too, which is also amazing. (though I think I need to get a pair of cheap-o headphones to keep in my purse so I have a set on hand at all times... or on head at all times?)

I'll keep you updated on how this works out for me. Thankfully I have 30 days to see how it all goes. If I don't like it, have problems, find it's way more phone than I need, whatever, I have 20 more days to change it over for something else.

Technology is in my hand!


Curley said...

Sounds relly cool and expensive.

Bragger said...

Ooooooooooo....... there are few things better than a new gadget. I have just found my favorite use for my iPad - I take it to gymnastics meets and use a spreadsheet to keep a running total of the scores. (It sounds easy, but when they compete 6 and drop the lowest score, I need a formula for that. The woman who sits next to me at meets is way jealous.)

Welcome to the palm computing world!

booknut said...

That's the exact phone I've had for a while now and I LOVE IT!! Don't know what I ever did without it. It takes great pics, has GPS, Facebook, Google, Email, games, and I even have my Nook application on it! You won't want to trade it in. Trust me!

Jimmie Earl said...

OMG! And I thought I was living when I got my new $21.95 flip phone from Tracfone. Wow!

Maggie said...

Curly- it is cool and expense wasn't too bad since it was part of a package! Bonus!

Bragger- it is fun, but i think technology is scary.

booknut- I'll be calling for help, you can bet on that!

JE- wow is right... or "whoa!"