Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Foray into Facebook

Reasons I don't Facebook:

1. I will not do anything that supports Mark Zuckerburg

2. Anyone I like well enough to be in contact with, I already am

3. I blog

4. I don't care

5. I would be upset if I was blocked or un-friended or if people wrote bad things on my wallpaper.

6. I'll be the person who can't keep her mouth shut and would wind up fired because I said something inappropriate or had pictures of me doing something "inappropriate."

That being said, I have apparently been a topic of discussion on my son's Facebook account, and ITSam has pictures of me on his. The easy one first: Sam did ask me if it was okay to have pictures of me on his Facebook AND he let me pick which ones I wanted him to use.

As for Mac... well, the background is that Sam and I were kissing on the couch the other night, after we thought everyone had gone to bed. We were not naked, touching naughty bits, or having sex, not groping or dry humping. We. were. kissing. on. the. couch. At my dad's. Mac came downstairs; he didn't say anything, but he did make gagging sounds. I thought nothing of it.

Until after school yesterday when Mac TOLD me he wrote it on his F-book, about it was "gross and disgusting to see" his mom and her boyfriend making out. Well, I guess he's gotten about 100 comments. The kids are teasing him to death- hey, he asked for it. And he told me I have a fan club. I've met most of the kids who said anything, either while they were hanging out with Mac or when I worked at his school for 8 weeks. One girl (she and I had a discussion one day about the difference between black and white guys) asked mac if my boyfriend was chocolate. Mac said, "NO! He's hairy, bald and vanilla- and mauling my mom." (there was no mauling, I swear!) The girl responded "Oh yuck- what is she thinking?" (Is it yuck that he's bald, hairy or vanilla?). The kids have really razzed him and love me, and just him to get over it. Mac said he was shocked at the number of kids who said they walked in on their parents having sex. He decided at that point, it could've been worse.

I can't believe he wrote any of if. I can't believe the kids commented. I can't believe I have a fan club.

Sometimes I wish I had a Facebook account only to see the pictures my sister-in-law posts of Fab Finn and the Divine Ms K. She takes tons of pictures and the kids are adorable and I would just love access to that. Sometimes I would like access to Facebook to ask, for example, Sam's cousin's wife (his 2nd cousin in law?) for a copy of a picture she took of him and me last summer at a picnic. That's pretty random, I know, but it's an example I can think of right now. Or when Farrago is going to sing karaoke or be in a show I could easily see this info- if he would let me be a friend.

Actually, Farrago had an idea. He said if there was stuff on Facebook and I didn't want to have contact with people in my past, that I could Facebook as Maggie. Now, that's a thought. Though, he did say this about 8 months ago and I haven't done anything like that so I think that's just what it is: a thought.

I think Mac gave me a new reason to stay off Facebook.



Curley said...

Did Mac think all the kids would side with him? You know how kids can be. They will tease any and everyone. Even the ones they are close friends with.Maybe he will think twice about laying it all on the line as far as mom goes the next time he is on face-book.

Bragger said...

I'm a Facebook failure, and sometimes I think that is a GOOD thing. The only time I regret it is when someone tells me something about my own child that I would have known if I were on FB more often. I think some people put TOO much on there. If my daughter were still in school with me, I wouldn't have liked her posting anything personal about me.

Shan said...

I must admit I wish you were on there but I don't suggest you go on there as Maggie because from your friend list and suggestions, people would figure it out!

Maggie said...

Curly- i think he's secretly liking the attention! I think, in a twisted way, he likes that the kids like me.

Maybe posting about me on Facebook is his revenge for all the times I've blogged about him. That I don't tell him about.

Bragger- I'm not thrilled but there's not much I can do, unless I could beat him. If I could find 4 or 5 guys to hold him down so I could beat him. I asked him to take it off but he showed it to me and it turned out that since there was nothing mean it was okay... I guess. this once.

Shan- I must keep my secret identify... well, secret.