Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank yous and randoms on Christmas Eve

Thank you to Gulo for sending me all the yummy baked goodies!!!! And since your dog is now a sock terrorist, all mine (socks, that is) are in hiding!

Thank you Patti for the beautiful necklace!!!! I'll be posting a picture of said piece of shoe jewelry that she made herself using my avatar off this blog!! it's stunning- thank you so much!

Mac had a girlfriend for about 2 months (though I just found out that she was officially his "girlfriend" about 3 weeks ago) and she dumped him 2 days ago. He is now the world's most depressed teenager. I hate her and I'm really tired of his attitude, but what can I do?

I transported 2 boys yesterday. Pray for one. He's got a rough life story but the next three days he's going to a foster home. For Christmas. With his brother. yeah, this boy is in a placement facility and his brother is in foster care. And he's going to the foster place for three days, with a family he's never met, to celebrate this huge family holiday.

And speaking of driving transits... yesterday's ode... well the day I drove that, it was 16 hours long. The kids were awesome and kind. They were respectful. They sang. Someone found my Kelli Clarkson CD and we sang along at the top of our lungs. Some woman in a bathroom in southern My State thinks I have 7 teenage girls. She's an idiot. Overall, they made me laugh. It was a good day.

I just finished wrapping all the gifts I'm giving except for one. And I've filled the stockings. Now I'm going to help Daddy-O wrap. Ugh! Why do I wait until the last minute? Oh, don't answer that.

This year I didn't send Christmas cards. I usually do but didn't this year. I couldn't find any I liked really well. I either liked the picture and hated the message or vice versa. I thought about, around October, of making my own and of course, I didn't. Procrastination is a terrible thing. Maybe I'll send New Year's Cards? Or Chinese New Year cards in later-ish January?

I told Mac I've decided to be Jewish by next year. We can still have a tree but for Hanukkah we're calling it a Hanukkah Bush. He asked if would fill his stocking with yamakas and dreidels. He asked me if that means I would register with J-Date. He's not funny.

Because of the flu/ cold from hell, I've also not basked. I figured cooking and contaminating is not the gift I want to give this Christmas season. But I didn't really need to bake since Gulo sent a wonderful box of goodies, Curly made us a huge platter of yummies, and my Auntie in Texas sent an entire box full of treats! Awesome people and awesome cookies, candies, and such! I am going to bake next week, though. I'm going to make my mom's recipe of cut out cookies, some chocolate fudge, a pan of mint brownies, and some fold over jam cookies. We'll see what happens!

Marry Christmas Eve,


sam said...

Hi Maggie Mae,

Merry Christmas to you and the family too.

Glad you finally got the necklace. I didn't make it though. Had it made for you. It was supposed to be for your birthday but the artist got busy. It took her so long I asked her to mail it to you so I never did see it! If you post a piture that would be good! I thought you could hang it from your rear view mirror or cut the chain and add it to your key ring.

Funny you mention a Hanukkah bush. I was in the hospital one year at Christmas. In isolation no less. Friends brought in a small Christmas tree with decorations to cheer me. The hospital said that Christmas trees weren't allowed. My friends begged and begged and were told...NO, NO CHRISTMAS TREES. They finally said, "But it's not a Xmas tree, it's a Hanukkah bush!" The nurses sighed and let them bring it in.

Feel better.


Curley said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I have something pink and soft for you but you have to come and get it. It's the only way that I get to see you.