Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Thursday

Mac has a girlfriend. It's his first one. She's cute and seems nice. But Mac has a girlfriend. And I officially got ditched the other night; he went to do something with her instead of me. It's official. And weird and I'm not sure I like it.

I have over 100 followers. That is so cool! I hope I can end the year with over 100. Thanks to all of you who follow.

This is the next to last day of Round 4 in the voting for Top Blog. I'm 13 votes behind making it to the top 5. Please vote for me. I'd love to make the top 5!!!!!!!!! I know, from looking at the numbers, that I won't win but with a surge of voting for me at the end and I could make the top 5 at least! And a huge big thanks to all of you who have voted for me all along!

Today I get to see the Broadway musical Annie. I'm chaperoning a school trip! This is a cool perk! I have no insurance and I barely make above minimum but I get a free theater ticket and food to one of my all time favorite shows!

I had a chance to drive a transport last night. And it looks like I might be able to drive a whole bunch over Christmas vacation if I want. I'm torn between the lure of cash and the time off to rest.

I discovered I can be bribed with Oreos. Yeah. I worked the concession stand the other night at a high school boy's wrestling match and was bribed by the athletic director with Oreos and I caved. By the way: I'd never been to a boy's wrestling match before and it's icky. And this was a long one- it was a 4 school invitational. Ah, what I won't do for the bliss of chocolatey goodness and creamy filling.

Earlier this week I wrote about the Christmas movies I'd watched and not. Well, the day that posted, I went to the library. I was speaking with the librarian about the Christmas movies I have NOT seen like White Christmas, specifically. What caused the conversation was a huge stack of Christmas DVDs that she was putting in a display. It wasn't in the stack; someone had checked it out. But as the words are spoken and hanging in the air above our heads, like a balloon attached to a cartoon, a guy returns a stack of movies and White Christmas was on top. It was fate and too much coincidence. I checked it out and it is here, at my house, ready for me to watch this weekend. (So was The Bishop's Wife, which I had to snag as well.)

So, I work in a library but I'm not reading much this month. Part of my issue is that I have head aches and need new glasses. I'm going to have to cave in and get the stupid bifocals this time. Ugh! The other part is that I just feel like I'm struggling to find anything that appeals to me. I have a huge list of books I want to read, like about 103 to be exact, but I just can't seem to find a focus.


Curley said...

I so totally get the Oreo bribery. You could probably get me with that too. Have fun watching the Christmas movies. I would say the lack of focus with reading is the fact that you have so many other things to do, what with it being the Christmas season. Oh, wait, I forgot you always have lots of things to do. I don't know how you find time to read.

Jimmie Earl said...

Ahhhhh! Oreos! You always have been a "soft touch" when it came to chocolate!
I know you need the dollars, as we all do, but you need the rest too. This holiday season, take some precious Maggie time. But knowing you the way I do, you will say "yes" to the transports...not only for the cash, but because you will be helping out "your kids." No wonder they all love Ms Maggie!

Love ya,
Dad aka JE