Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm sick

I started sneezing and having watery eyes on Friday night. I was not going to get sick. I just wasn't.

Yesterday I woke up blowing my nose and all stuffed up. I sounded terrible but I thought I would be okay. I took my tissues with me and had a pocket full of them, as well as a purse full. Every time we got out of the car, I blew my nose.

Last night we got home from shopping and I carried everything in the house. I had one more thing to do. Yesterday was ITSam's birthday and I was going to take him to dinner. Since I got home so late I thought he'd eaten but he waited so we went to dinner. Sitting in Applebee's I got the shivers and couldn't stop. I shivered all the way home. My teeth were chattering and I couldn't stop shaking. I think it all caught up to me. The heat was on full blast in the car but I still couldn't warm up.

I came straight home and took the hottest shower I could stand until I warmed up. I never did. I pulled on layers of jammies and went to bed. I piled on the covers. The fever broke sometime in the night.

I feel a little better this morning. I still feel like a bus ran over me. I'm blowing green snot this morning. Not a good sign. My left ear hurts and my glands are swollen all over. I'm coughing. I feel great... yeah, right. I'm taking handfuls of Tylanol and Day-Quil. I'm having hot tea right now.

I hate being sick. The first two days of my Christmas vacation and I'm ick. Damn it.

My plan was to sort gifts and finish my shopping today. Tonight I was going to Daddy-O's cantata concert. I'm not shopping, that's for sure. I thought I might watch White Christmas and wrap presents but I think dripping snot on gifts sort of ruins the holiday season. Don't you?



Curley said...

Sorry that you feel so sick. 2 good things even though they sound gross. The fever broke and as long as you don't get it back, that is good. The other? Blowing green snot means you are getting rid of the infection. As long as you can blow that is good. When you can't that is when the sinus headache starts. Feel better soon. Weren't you sick last Christmas? Must be the stress.

Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! Just getting over a head cold myself...finally! BTW can I just say I LOVE your blog and how you write...esp love ur man graveyard...I have one too ;) Get better soon! X

sam said...

Maggie Mae....poor baby. Hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick. I totally don't function at all.

Keep warm and rest.


Finn said...

Hey Maggie Mae, what you need is a good strong hot whiskey. Irish whiskey, of course - preferably Bushmills.
Hope you're feeling better now.

Jimmie Earl said...

Note to Finn: If you send it, she (maybe we) will drink it!!LOL!