Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Movies?!?

I have no idea how I, of all people, missed out on watching so many famous holiday movies. I'm not kidding. When I tell you what I haven't seen you're all going to think I crawl under a rock or a cabbage leaf in December or something.

I was trolling around Pink Saturday blogs yesterday and the theme of the day was "favorite Christmas movie." There were lots of movies mentioned, some that weren't really Christmas movies but movies that were just people's favs, but the list of Christmas films looms large. And I have been a girl on the naughty list when it comes to watching some of these.

And while there's nothing wrong with ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas movies or the Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movies or made for TV movies, when I think of Christmas movies, I think of movie movies. Does that make sense? I also don't usually consider "Christmas Specials" in this category either, like Frosty the Snowman or Charlie Brown Christmas or the like. I mean MOVIES!

Here are the movies I've watched:

Christmas Vacation. This was one of my mom's favorite holiday movies. What is so funny about that is that it went against her nature to watch something so ridiculous yet this particular movie tickled her funny bone and made her laugh out loud! (Even though the rest of us thought it was rather stupid we still all watched it with her because SHE enjoyed it so much!)

Home Alone I. it was cute how clever Kevin was and how he enjoyed his quiet time away from the family, until the burglars screwed up his alone time.

Love Actually. Saw it, love it, one of my favorite movies ever. Click the title to read my review.

Die Hard. Stop laughing, it does take place at CHRISTMAS time!!!! (um, and I hate it point out that so does Die Hard 2)

Scrooged. This Bill Murray film is a variation of A Christmas Carol but it's own twist. I've seen it and sometimes I crack up and other times I shut it off before it's over. Must be a toleration level or a "mood" thing.

A Christmas Carol. There are about a million versions of this. I love the Albert Finney version. I also like a musical version. The Patrick Stewart version is also good. I haven't seen the new Jim Carry one yet, but this season I will. Everyone has their fav- which is yours?

Miracle on 34th Street. A little girl doesn't believe in Santa until she meets a Macy's Santa and things start to happen! I love the original black and white version, but the newer one is cute, too.

The Holiday- one of my favorite movies and if you look at yesterday's post you can see the trailer. Love a good romantic comedy this time of your.

Four Christmases. Hated it. Hate Vince Vaughn.

The Family Stone. For some reason when someone yesterday mentioned it, I never thought of it as a Christmas movie but it is, of sorts. It's not a very good movie, though. Though... maybe I need to watch it again?

This Christmas. An African American cast about a dysfunctional family at Christmas. I saw this one, too.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. This was originally a made for tv movie with Loretta Switt (remember her as Hot Lips on M*A*S*H?) starring as the mom. I swear, this is one of the cutest movies ever. Please rent it. It's just an hour long. Of read the book by the same title. Your life will never be the same again once you meet the characters, the Herdmen's.

Elf. This is the only Will Farrell movie I like. Except for the spaghetti part, that is. And when they sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside"-- well, that's awesome. I just watched almost all of it the other day, shy the last 20 minutes. I fell asleep.

Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Otter puppets (I think it was puppets) sing and dance and mother/ son otter love over the holiday. I actually cry. Yeah.

The Santa Clause 1 & 2. Time Allen plays a man who becomes Santa. It's cute! And the elves crack me up. The first one is my favorite, but 2 is still fun.

Jack Frost. I like this Michael Keaton movie where he becomes Jack Frost and still looks out for his son. Or something like that.

While You Were Sleeping. Sandra Bullock is so lonely at Christmas that when the stranger she has a crush on is injured in an accident and is a come, she accidentally pretends to be his fiance. I just read that. Rent it. It's good, regardless of what I wrote here.

The Wizard of Oz. Is this a Christmas movie? It was on a lot of Pink Saturday people's lists. I know it's not Christmas themed, I've seen it, but is it historically tied to Christmas?

The Sound of Music. Again, mentioned on lots of PS posts but not a Christmas movie; however, it's it often shown on television on Christmas eve? I love this movie and would watch it any time of the year, frankly!

The Preacher's Wife. This is a remake of The Bishops' Wife. It stars Denzel and Whitney Houston. It's a pretty good re-make and Houston's voice is amazing.

When Harry Met Sally. Okay, I wasn't sure where to put this. I watch it on New Year's Eve every single year of my life. It's my thing. I love it. I don't usually associate it as a Christmas movie but as a holiday film, but I'm weird. I am soooo Sally Albright. Not kidding. So I put it on this list my bad self!

Here are the movies I haven't seen-- and I have the guts to admit I am really embarrassed that I have NOT seen SOME these (I'm guessing you will be able to tell the ones that I'm , if you can imagine.

A Christmas Story. This is the one they run on TNT 24 hours in a row, right? Something about a sled a bb gun, a bad word, a tongue frozen to a pole and a leg lamp?

Ernest Christmas. No.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Jim Carey starred in this live version of the adorable Seuss tale but I've missed it. I might see it. Might.

The Nightmare Before Christmas. A Tim Burton animated movie. I've not seen it because I'm not sure I want my Christmas that skewed.

The Santa Clause 3. I saw this on a PS post, as a pinkie loving all three parts. I didn't know there even WAS a part 3! My bad.

Eight Crazy Nights. Is this a Hanukkah movie? I know it's animated and stars Adam Sandler and its plot revolves around holidays in December. And it's a musical. It scares me.

Holiday Inn. Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Marjorie Reynolds are performers an inn that's open only for the holidays.

Babes In Toyland. Umm, about toys?

The Bishop's Wife. Cary Grant is yummy. I didn't know he was in this. I don't know why I didn't know. I need to see this. Cary Grant is like the Johnny Depp of that era. A bishop prays for guidance to get funds to build a new church and a guardian angel- Grant- shows up but his help isn't all that helpful. Or at least this is what I think it's a about.

White Christmas. I know, I know. I love Christmas, musicals, old movies, and dancing. I have no idea how I've survive this much of my life without it. I suck as a human being. I can't believe I've missed this Irving Berlin classic.

It's a Wonderful Life. Alright, you may now commence the throwing of objects since I've not seen the most classic of all Hollywood Christmas fares... I think my brother will kill me when he sees I haven't seen this since it's one of his favorite movies of all times, starring one of his favorite actors of all time, Jimmy Stewart. And my bro is a prison guard and KNOWS how to kill people. I'm dead meat. (SisIL- don't rat me out, please!)

This year I vow to see some of these. At least one. Maybe two. Or all. So, everyone, when you're done flogging me, tell what is your favorite Christmas/ holiday movie?



Rebecca said...

Thanks for the listing-I may have to check into these after the holidays-when I have more time!

Curley said...

Good post. "Santa Clause 3" was on last night and I watched it. It was pretty good. Like you said #1 is still better. I think my all time favorite out of the ones that I have seen is "While you were sleeping". And I've only seen parts of "It's a Wonderful Live." Merry Chirstmas

Evil Pixie said...

Don't forget Christmas in Connecticut! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie. It's very 1940s, but Barbara Stanwyck is a hoot!

Jimmie Earl said...

The Bishop's Wife...AAhh yes! Starring Cary and the heart throb of my adolescence, Loretta Young!! Just the thought of her swirling through the doors every Sunday night on her weekly series, makes my heart race! O...M...G...! Wonderful movie, by the way, and Denzel and Whitney do it justice, too.

Mary said...

I love your choices, Mags, but you have to see A Christmas Story just one time. Then you'll understand why it is aired the way it is. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and had time to enjoy Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

Gulo said...

The Wizard of Oz is not associated with Christmas in any way I have ever know....and I HATE that movie!!! VERY MUCH! I think I've only see the whole thing once, and never intend to watch it again. ICK!

Cindy said...

Haha, Everyone loves It's a Beautiful Life but I have never seen it all the way through! I ALWAYS fall asleep.
Cindy :)

Mellodee said...

Oh Dear! You must run down to the local Mall, jump on Santa's lap, and beg him to please, Please, PLEASE bring you those movies. Promise whatever you must, but get those films! And watch them tuit suite!!

Here is my favorite "We're No Angels", starring Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, and Aldo Ray. It is a gentle, funny, and lovely movie about 3 convicts who have escaped from Devil's Island in the the late 1800's at Christmas time. I adore this movie and heartily recommend it.

Miss Rhea said...

Glad to see another "While you were sleeping" fan :) I think that movie reminds me so much of Christmas, because everyone has a houseful of dysfunctional family members who all love each other and drive each other crazy. :) Merry Christmas !! Congratulations on being in the top four !

Shan said...

I have a fondness for the Santa Clause movies but I can't figure out why. I think I just like Tim Allen.

We own the Grinch movie and I still enjoy quoting it in many many places. It is one that really grows on you. I love Jim Carrey but the Who world is good too.

I never watch It's a Wonderful Life but I'm sure I've seen it at some point. ;)

Bragger said...

I have also never seen It's a Wonderful Life. And I've never seen lots of them on your list of have-seens. I just don't do many movies. But I loved Home Alone.

nancy said...

Thank for stopping by my blog. Happy PS to you. That movie The Christmas Movie is on all day Christmas day on TBS or TNT. DOn't forget, check your TV listings. If you have ABCFamily or The Hallmark channels. They both have good Christmas movies.
Enjoy your movies.

Kay Ellen said...

I love old Holiday movies~~~Thanks for sharing Miss Maggie :))

Kay Ellen

Jillian said...

LOL! I enjoyed your post. I like the last one on your list, of course!

Maggie said...

Rebecca- it always comes down to time for the fun stuff.

Curly- I missed that. I think I'm going to rent a few of these as soon as school's out.

Evil P- I can't believe I forgot that one!!!!

JE- "The Bishop's Wife" is a fun one.

Mary- Princess's head about exploded when she heard I'd never seen it so I have a date with her to watch it next weekend!

Gulo- now, tell me how you really feel!!!

Cindy- oops! zzzzzzz

Mellodee- I'm going, I promise!!! Headed to the video store as I type, sort of! I'm ashamed I've missed those classics!

Miss Rhea- it's so sweet. I love that one!

Shan- I want to be a Woo!

Bragger- OMG! I thought I was the only one in the world. We should add watching this to our birthday lists!

Nancy- I will. I promise!

Kay Ellen- you're welcome!

Jillian- I have GOT to see this movie!

Dena E's Blog said...

I too LOVE Christmas in Conneticut too. Thanks for the note you left me yesterday.. Sooooo thoughtful of you..
Sorry for the late reply. We were away at church happenings to day for our church and our G~Daughters too.
Blessings to you from our Sweet Lord in this beautiful season and those to come...Hugs Dena

Jeanne said...

Hello Maggie, a belated comment for PS. We had a big Christmas Party that day and 25 guests had a wonderful time including my hubs and me. We just had the party, the fun was in the warm and loving friends who attended.
I took several minutes to really read your post. I loved it all. This was a tough job girl. You did an awesome job on this. I have seen almost all of these movies. (cause I'm old) smile.

Happy belated PS,
Hugs, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Good call on When Harry Met Sally I always watch that film at this time of year!

Sares said...

I think you covered them all! I hope you check off an oldie but goodie off your no see list. I recommend White Christmas or It's a Wonderful Life.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Haha....My husband and sons always say that Die Hard is a Christmas movie too. I believe it opens at a Christmas party right? Loved your list!