Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite tree

This is a weird post for today I realize. The weather's gotten really, really warm. All the snow melted away. It's not winter looking anymore. It's about 50 degrees out and then tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 30s and then Sunday be in the 20s. So, yest it will be colder but we don't have any snow in the forecast.

I'm missing some snow. I know that's silly but I really do miss it. And I know it's just December and it will snow again. But I could be living in NYC and dealing with the blizzard and between you and me, I would be just fine with that. I like the snow as I've said before.

So while I'm missing the snow I started thinking about winter in the Wild West. We had a TON of snow there. I mean tons. We had that much snow all the time. It never made the news when we had 27 inches.

I had a favorite tree in the Wild West. I should say it was the only tree in the Wild West; I was a "plains" girl so it was all flat, barren rolling land. There were very few deciduous trees where I lived and I would get homesick for trees. So I found the perfect tree one day, on a drive. It was about a quarter mile drive up a rancher's lane. It was about 18 miles from my house. I tracked down the rancher and got permission to visit the tree. He told me as long as I didn't let the cattle out or hit any, I could see it all I wanted.

So, here's a picture of my favorite tree in the winter.


Melissa F said...

I really like your tree!

I don't know where your tree was located, but my husband was in the Air Force and we were stationed in North Dakota for a couple of years, and this is kind of what it looked like there LOL.

Happy New Year!

Curley said...

Love the picture, but I prefer my snow to come in inches not feet.

Jimmie Earl said...

It would be interesting to know what made this tree grow here (maybe a spring) when there isn't another one around for miles and miles. I remember visiting this tree with you! Nice photograph, BTW.

Evil Pixie said...

Wow! Fantastic image.