Thursday, December 23, 2010

Transporting kids home: a poem

Twas three days before Christmas and all through the state
Kids were going home to have fun and celebrate
1 Crazy lady, 8 girls and a guy
Were all in a van, wheels spinning, oh my.

The boy was out first, relieved to be free
From the giggling girls, blonds there were three.
Gabby was next,
her mom wasn't there,
so wait 10 extra minutes they did,
I was pulling out my hair!

Princess was home, into her family's arms she did run
Their faces lit up as warm as the sun.
I hugged her goodbye
I wished her adieu
I exclaimed to her I would "miss you!"

Back down the road we did ride,
The music playing loud,
The traffic parted like the tide or a crowd

One more girl here, another there
I left one on the side of the interstate,
My van was becoming bare.

Finally with two left we did go
To the other side of the state, I'll have you know
Now Ali was home, Kenni was too
After 15 hours on the road, I was weary, and left to stew.

My 5 hours back north did I drive in a rush
I relished the peace, the quiet, the hush
The kids were home and I was almost, too
And now I'll just say "Merry Christmas to you"


Curley said...

That's really good. No wonder you wanted to be an English teacher. Merry Christmas to you too. Give me a call.

Bragger said...

What a cute way to tell your story! I'm so going to steal this one, so beware. It will take care of one of my 50 to-do things: write poetry. Merry Christmas!