Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doing too much

Yesterday I tried to do too much after having been sick. I felt like poop in the morning but felt better in the afternoon so I went shopping. And to get new books from the library. And for coffee at Starbucks. And took ITSam shopping. And for a haircut. And stayed up late.

Then around midnight I had the full body shivers again and chattering teeth and shaking. So I downed more meds, took another hot shower and then went to bed.

Today I now have a snotty chest cough and a scratchy throat and just feel crappy.

Mac asked me if I was going to be an extra in the Day of the Dead.

However, my new hair cut looks great and I'm almost done shopping.

I must get better by tomorrow because I'm driving a huge transit of 8 kids on about a 14 hour journey so I have to be better.

Must rest.

And I wish I were more creative here but I can't even think of creative let alone put it into words. Too much snot.

Hoping for a healthier Wednesday,


Curley said...

Lots of rest. Lots of fluids. Feel better soon. Sending lots of love your way.

Anonymous said...

feel better girlfriend