Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shop til we drop

And we did.

XRAy Girl and I went shopping today. We left the house at 9am and returned at 9pm. We went to over 20 stores. We are tired. We were brave. Some might have thought us stupid. But we did it.

There were tons of people, yes. There were crazy drivers, yes. There was 1 rude store clerk (at Stine Mart), yes. There were rude fellow shoppers, yes. Kohl's screwed up my order, yes. I have a cold, yes. BUT we still had fun. Xray Girl and I have fun no matter what; it was all good.

We found some amazing bargains (Plato's Closet and Bath and Body Works and Kohls and Half Price Books). We noticed that men shoppers are not as rude as women shoppers. We learned that we don't have to go to a mall to find what we need. We learned that when you have a pocket full of money to shop for Christmas gifts you always find the best stuff for yourself. We also found that Von Mar has the best bathrooms.

I wanted to get Princess some pink or orange boots but everywhere was sold out but I went with plan B. I wanted to get some knitting looms for ITSam and so far everyone is sold out. And I was an idiot who forgot her Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon and I wasn't paying full price for a scrapbook. So other than needing to back for those two things, printing some pictures and getting some miscellaneous stocking stuffers, I am finished.

Now I have to wrap it all....



Curley said...

I think the reason men shoppers are less rude is because they are surrounded by female shoppers and they know that they better be on their best behavior. The shoppers that get on my nerves more than anything are the ones that congregate in the middle of aisles and block them from all directions or the ones that just stroll along taking up the whole aisle and you can't get around them.

Jimmie Earl said...

Speaking of rude shoppers, there was a long line in front of me at Kohl's yesterday. The guy in front of me was trying very hard NOT to be rude, but his two kids, Fletcher and Hannah, both old enough to know better (Hannah had to be Jr. High) were on his last nerve. They kept wandering away, and touching stuff and pestering each other. Personally, I would have sent them to the car, but in a big city, you can't do that.
But those two kids had him whining to them by the time they got to the checkout. AND, to top it off, their mom was standing at the door waiting on them. Why were the kids with Dad in line????? Now that was rude!