Monday, December 20, 2010

the sick day

The plan for yesterday was to sort the gifts, finish shopping, wrap some stuff, see Curly, see Princess, see Daddy-O's cantata, see the Christmas lights in the park, and drink Starbucks.

The reality of yesterday was get up, take meds, drink hot tea, blog, read emails, drink more tea, decide I'm too sick to do anything so I go back to sleep. Wake up at 12:30 pm and repeat previous steps. Wake up again at 4 pm and repeat all these steps. At this point I had a conversation with Daddy-O that I was too sick to attended cantata. Had a conversation with Mac, arranging transportation for Curly. Contacted Princess's jailers to let her know I was too ill to see her. Let ITSam know I was too ill to see him. Went back to sleep.

Wake up again at 6:30 pm. No one is home. I decide I must stay awake until something that resembles bed time. And a time not so close to the Day-Quil dosage so I can take my Ny-Quil dosage. So I talk to ITSam who brings pizza. I try to make tea but doze off in the chair and wake to the smell of the kettle being singed since I ran it out of water. I eat. I try to watch TV but don't have the strength to concentrate so I turn it off. Ditto blogging, reading blogs, surfing the 'net, and reading emails. Ditto reading books. Mac gets home so I take a shower. I don't have the energy to hold the hair dryer so I sit with my hoodie over my head. I beg Mac to make me tea. He does.

I finally say to hell with the closeness of day and ny-quil doses (I was off by an hour) and take it anyway and go back to bed.

How could I sleep that much? How could I have so little energy that breathing takes effort? How could I have that much snot? I hate it when I'm so congested I have to sleep with my mouth open, which dries my mouth which wakes me up coughing. My chest aches from all the coughing.

Please let me feel better today.


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Curley said...

Oh, you poor baby. I sure missed you last evening but wouldn't have wanted you there feeling as bad as you do. And you probably slept so much because of the meds you were taking and just being sick. Sending you feel better vibes.