Sunday, December 5, 2010

The first snowfall

I love the first snowfall of the season. It's like magic. I love the fresh white blanket left all over the ground, making everything look clean and pristine. It's beautiful.

Falling snow also makes me feel energized. Happy. Perky. Smiley.

Yesterday we had out first "real" snowfall. Oh, we got a mere dusting earlier this week, but yesterday was the first big one, which really just amounted to about an inch but it sure was festive and pretty coming down, all those big, wet, fat flakes floating about. It was lovely.

Snow always reminds me of good childhood memories, like going sledding at our local park on a hill that, as a child I thought was HUGE, and now as an adult... well, not so much. Snow makes me want to run around in it, catching snow flakes on my tongue and making snowmen and snow angels. I want to be the first to run through a smooth surface after sitting and admiring the perfection of nature's canvass. I love waking up in the middle of the night to catch Jack Frost spreading his magic all over the country, under the cover of darkness, and going out to watch the snow fall on my hair in the silence and peace of the night. I love the quietness that comes with the snow fall, the whispering of the flakes as they fall, barely touching down.

When the sun shines on the snow and it glistens in the light, the world looks covered with diamonds.

With snow comes winter, of course and there are some things I still love about this chilly season and for some reason, the first snowfall always makes me love winter, and all that goes with it. I love my winter clothes. I love my short wool skirts, thick tights, chunky soled shoes that are cute and comfortable. I love my sweaters and turtle necks and wearing layers. I love my twill jackets, pink boots, and jeans. I want to wear my black velvet dress. I love wearing my long wool coats and all my pink scarves and stocking caps. I love the smell of wet wool.

I remember my first winter in the Wild West. It was so cold and my apartment couldn't get warm, it seemed so I had to wear a scarf and fingertipless gloves in my living room to stay warm. For some reason, it added to the magic of winter. Another night I sat in my pajamas and winter coat, drinking cocoa and peppermint schnapps on my front stoop at 2 am watching the snow swirl around me, dancing flakes, twirling flakes, coating me like sugar. Deer walked through my yard, sensing my presence and watching me wary eyes. I just sat and enjoyed the hauntingness, magic, of the moment.

I like that during the winter when snow is on the ground that the darkness isn't really dark. Even in the dead of night the moon lights up the snow, or the night just doesn't seem as dark.

The smell of the cold air is invigorating. I like the way it fills my lungs and smells like clean.

Snow on Christmas makes the day perfect. Snow around this time of year makes me want to shop for gifts, decorate, sing carols, and bake. Daddy-O installed in a fireplace, which makes the season perfect. I like the first snow so much I'll admit to liking the shoveling of the white stuff, but I like running the snowblower even more!.

Snow fall. The first of the season. Perfection.

Maggie the Snow Queen


Curley said...

Beautifully written.

Nancy said...

Maggie, I'm visiting around PS posts, and although I'm only on 100-something now, I didn't see yours. I also needed something not PS, know what I mean? So here I am, caught up on a few posts, and mentally knocking my head against the wall for not being me in my blog after reading yours. As in "who cares if people don't like me or my blog"? Obviously, I care.

Enjoyed. Thanks for the inspiration. For crying out loud, I'm old enough to be me, why can't I do it?

Okay, therapy session over. Again, love coming by for a refresher.

Bragger said...

I hate winter. Hate snow. Hate sweaters. And scarves. And gloves. And hats (except for the one you sent me - love that one). I don't actually hate those things, I just hate having to wear them. I almost couldn't find my COAT this morning. I usually figure if I can make it from the car to my classroom, I don't need a coat. When I finally found my coat, there was a napkin in there from an event I went to at the country club last JANUARY. Yeah, I hate winter. But love you!

Maggie said...

Curly- thank you!

Nancy- First, I totally understand when you say you need a break when reading PS posts. I *really* get that. Same reason I need a break from posting a PS.

Second, thank you for your kind words. Really. I'm glad you can come here to hang out!

Finally, be yourself. It's a blog- who cares, right? Or that's my outlook, right or wrong. *kisses*!

Bragger- I'm sorry about winter and you can vent here anytime since I griped about summer and heat and sweat and high temps for three months, so hate away. But I'm glad you like your hat from me! And i love you, too!