Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still stressed, still whining

I hate those days when nothing really goes according to plan. Yesterday was one of those days. I had great expectations for my Tuesday but it all went to hell in hand basket.

I originally took yesterday off from work because I was supposed to have a doctor appointment and I was supposed to take a scrapbook class. The scrapbook class was actually after work but the doctor appoint was in Northern Civilization and during the work day. So last week I took the day off and scheduled a substitute.

On Friday of last week, the Planned Parenthood I go to for my physical called and said that from now on they don't do annual physical appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays. Due to budget cuts they need to re-schedule me on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

I figured I would go ahead and take the day off anyway, maybe go to Northern Civilization earlier in the day and hang out at the book stores or in my favorite park with a Starbucks if the weather was nice. Daddy-O talked about going with me as well.

Well, last night Daddy-O decided to not go with me, due to finances. Then the scrapbook store called and canceled my class because not enough people signed up! Well, damn! I gave some serious thought to calling my sub and canceling, just going to work but I couldn't find her number anywhere. I consoled myself with the fact that I could use a mental health day and would stay home with my laptop, in my jammies, drinking coffee and doing a mass resume mailing in an effort to get a new job.

Well, that didn't work. Partially it was my fault, I realize.

Mac woke up with a HUGE headache, sinus pressure, clogged nose, ear ache and sore throat. I told him he could stay home and sleep but he had to go to school because he has play practice this week. The show is Thursday night and this is dress rehearsal week. I know he's been so busy and tired, burning the candle at both ends with school until 315, cheer leading 330-6pm and then play practice 6-9pm Then homework after that. So, I figures he was very run down. I also know that right now the sinus issues for folks are off the charts bad right now with our freaky weather. The Weather Channel TV station was even talking about the sinus/ weather problems here in the Midwest right now. So, I told him he could stay home and sleep half a day.

Around 11:30am he announces that he doesn't "have" to go to school because the rule of "no school= no activities" is only for sports. So he ended up staying home all day. That totally messed with my mental health time because he started filling out college applications which meant he hit me with twenty questions. Then he wanted to know if he could re-take the SAT and when and it costs $50. Then College 2's application cost $50. It was all about money. I finally told him to shut up, go away and leave me alone.

I also had a huge conversation with Mac's cheer leading coach about tomorrow. There's an athletic awards dinner. He has to be there, dressed up. Also, he has lifting and it's a dress rehearsal for the play (the play is tomorrow night), and he has to bring a covered dish. Damn it, I can't catch a break. I did pack his gym bag, making sure he had everything he needed so we don't have to run back and forth, making extra trips. And I got a brownie mix for his contribution to the meal.

Then last night I decided to watch a movie called The Ultimate Heist and nowhere on the box did it way it was a French film that had been dubbed over. Badly dubbed over and very boring. By the way, it sucked. What pisses me off, is that a few of the French actors speak English and they didn't even do their parts in the voice over. It's pretty terrible. Jean Reno is in it and he didn't do his English either. Suckage.

I did get some job applications done; that's the good part. Not as many as I wanted but at least I got some done. So much for a relaxing, mental health day.



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Curley said...

I'm sorry your day fell through. I almost called you. I should have. I thought about you all day.