Sunday, November 14, 2010

Days 11 and 12 are about compliments

I decided with these 30 days of truths if I don't get with it, I should never finish and drag it out until I'm 40, so here are two at a time. They are related so I've decided it's fine to combine these particular two. And that probably means I'll combine more in the future. Then kvetsch when I have no blog material. But I can cross that bridge when I come to it. Right now, I want to finish the 30 days of truth since I started it. So, without further ado, here are 11 and 12:

Day 11: Something people compliment you on the most
People generally tell me all the time how happy I am. Most folks compliment on having a positive attitude. Obviously that's been missing of late, due to so many things, but for the most part, I get complimented on being energetic and enthusiastic.

There's sort of a funny story on that compliment. I've been interviewed for two different jobs in the very recent past. I have not gotten either job because the people hiring feel the job is too "boring" or "conservative" for someone with my energy and enthusiasm. Something that seems my biggest "positive" has, apparently, been a hindrance.

Day 12: something people never compliment you on
Something people never compliment me on are my looks, or my physical appearance. They just don't. I think I have pretty eyes but they're hidden behind my glasses. I can have good hair but I think Daddy-O told me that my hair was... fluffy? Wide? Oh no, his word was BUSHY! (I prefer to think of it as fluffy!)

Regardless, people rarely compliment me on how I look. I'm sure that's quite telling, but I'm going to pretend I don't know what it tells.

However, there are a few times when my beauty has been complimented and I might as well put a positive spin on this. (I have this urge to do that; see above for why) There are some that have stuck with me since I heard them years and years ago.

The fourth best compliment regarding my looks, that I had in my life is one that I will always remember. I was told by a Sam many years ago that my stretch marks are beautiful because they are " a badge of motherhood and what could be more beautiful than that?"

The third best compliment in my life came from a woman. As we all know, I just adore men. Love, love, love me some men. But this.... well...I have always said the best men are married, gay or dead. Well, let's explore gay. And "he" is really a she in this compliment giving story. She's was a gay woman and she was with her partner for about 10 years at the time. I had known them both for about 4 years. We were all singing karaoke and she can sing. I mean, SING- she should be a professional. She has an amazing voice and each time she sings I get chills. The compliment she gave me was that every time she hears the song "You're Beautiful"(by James Blunt) she thinks of me. She said this describes how she feels about me to a tee. And she thinks I am beautiful.

AlaskaSam gave me the two best compliments of my entire life, tied for first place. The set up for one of them: we were in a class together and he and I had a heated debate during class. When the professor excused us for a break, AlaskaSam followed me outside onto the grassy noll (called the mall). He is hollering after me to stop and turn around. I did, and he walked right up to me, looked me dead in the eyes, merely inches from my face, and he said as far as the class discussion went I was dead wrong, that I was beautiful when I was angry and I was damn sexy. Then he turned and walked away- leaving me there standing with my mouth agape. My brilliant comeback: "I wasn't wrong...And, um, thanks!"

The second AlaskaSam compliment was one he said at random, I think. And I don't think it was solely on looks. I think it meant me as an overall person. Anyway... I don't remember what we were doing, where we were or if it was even in person or over the phone. He told me I am the kind of woman men go to war over. Damn...That was great.

So while most don't compliment me on my looks, I have these that stand out.


Jimmie Earl said...

In my own defense, the "bushy" statement was not a good choice of words, but you HAD just pulled a sock cap beanie off your head which made your hair poofy around your ears. You have beautiful hair; not an attribute you inherited from me! (Drat! I knew that remark would come back to bite my ass!)

Maggie said...

JE- blaming the caps? really? so sad... bushy.