Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blog, Blogger, Bloggest

I have a bunch of blogs. I have this one. I also have:
My personal book blog, Turning Pages 2010
My film review blog Reel Reviews 2010
I belong to a virtual book club at Read Any Good Books Lately?

I had a travel blog, but I deleted it since I don't travel anymore. I started it when I had huge dreams of traveling all over, when I thought I might be moving to Ireland or Northern Ireland, when I thought I might summer in Italy, when I thought I could get a job in England... when I had dreams to always go. I still have the dreams and I can recreate the blog, should any of those things happen.

I had a photo blog. It was too hard to maintain because I was trying to post a picture each day. I just couldn't "get" it done all the time. I haven't deleted it but I don't put anything else on it. I keep it thinking if I ever want to resurrect it, it's there and I can.

I also have my 2009 book and 2009 film blogs; obviously I don't post on these any longer.

So I have a thing about blogging, I guess we could say. As the new year is approaching, I'm think I should do some blog housekeeping. I've decided I'm going to not continue with my film blogs. Since there's a tab option on here, I'm just going to keep a list of the movies I watch, and assign each of the movies a letter grade (the teacher in me never dies) as my rating style. I'm also not going to do the virtual book blog next year (sorry folks!). So that will eliminate 3 blogs. I am keeping my personal book blog and, of course, I'll keep this one.

I'm trying to decide if I want to create a blog to keep track of my 40 things to do before I'm 40 (please please please keep adding to this list! I haven't heard from some people...Bragger, Finn, Sam/P, Evil Pixie, Wiley... *ahem* no pressure *ahem*), or if I should just go ahead and incorporate it here on "shoes/ purses." I'm kicking that around. I could make a list of the things here in the side bar and just link each post to the list after I cross it off. Or make a whole new blog. Not sure.

I also have a super cool name for a blog called "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Blog." I've already created it and I don't know what to blog on it. I'm keeping it around, just in case. It could be my 40 for 40. It could be for some other great idea! Who knows?

Who knows what else I'll blog about in this life?

I like blogging. It's my crack. I'm a junkie. Thank the goddess I can't blog from my mobile devise. Crimmy, that would be bad!

"I'm Maggie, and I'm a blogger",


Bragger said...

I'm still thinking about your 40 things, but I'll definitely chime in. Meeting a blogger is definitely on my OWN list. :)

Mellodee said...

Wow! How ever did you manage to keep up with so many blogs? That's impressive. I have trouble keeping my one and only blog going. :)

Evil Pixie said...

Let's see... Here are some ideas...
-Cook a dish you've never cooked before
-Write a short story and try to get it published
-Write a poem and try to get it published
-Submit one of your photographs to a photography competition
-Dye of streak of pink in your hair
-Get a map globe, close your eyes, spin it, and spot it with your finger. Open your eyes and whatevery country you land on, learn as much as you can about the country.
-Meet one of your blog buddies (who you haven't met before).

Hmmm... That's all I can think of for now, but I'll come back and add more when I think of stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

I need to delete my diet one I am doing so WONDERFUL... NOT.... LOL

Happy Thanksgiving Maggie girl!

Maggie said...

Bragger- ok! I met a blogger once so I debated putting it on the list. Hmmm. I could add meet MORE bloggers.

Evil P- great list! thank you!

Mellodee- I've no idea. I think I can because I have no life.

TaDa- sometimes it's easier to delete! Happy turkey day to you!