Friday, November 19, 2010

Random brain thoughts

I was watching the movie Definitely, Maybe the other day. It's a cute little romantic comedy. One of the characters in the film was given a copy of Jane Eyre when she was a girl and it was inscribe by her dad. Throughout her life she looked for copies of the book at used bookstores and flea markets and the like. She collected copies of that book with other inscriptions. I thought that was the neatest, coolest thing ever. I love it when I see cool things like that in the movies, stuff that makes me smile and wish I thought of it first. Or wish I did something cool like that.

Mac listens to music when he takes a shower. I like to do this but I don't. Why, you may wonder? Umm, well sometimes I get carried away and sing and dance. Yes, in the shower. And I have a fear of slipping and falling. I do not want to explain that to my family or the EMTs that I broke my leg, singing "Like a Prayer" by Madonna in the shower.

Bon Jovi is going on tour again. I want to go. Mac has a theory as to why all these "old guys" are touring again. Because of women like me. Apparently since we're in our late 30s and 40s and we thought these guys, like Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, were hot when we were kids and now we're old women who want to relive our teen years so we go. And we're the only ones who can afford the tickets. I can't decided the level of "how offended should I be" with his summation. Brat.

I've lost 2 followers in the last 30 days. It makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong. I'm sure it's probably someone who joined me when I was holding my giveaway last March and doesn't really read. At least that's what I'm telling myself. It could be someone who is really busy and doesn't have time to read all the blogs she (or he) follows. But why didn't I make the cut? Oh, by the way, this is rhetorical question. Please don't tell me mean things.

Daddy-O had a gas fireplace in the living room. Mac doesn't have any clue how to run it at all; dad and I are the only ones. We are really careful about making sure it's turned off before we leave the house. Also the last person who goes to bed at night is in charge of making sure it's turned off. One night last week I came home late and the fireplace was off. I sat in the chair next to it and read, having never turned it on. Obviously someone had just gone to be because there was still some left over heat hovering. Then I went to bed and laid there for 10 minutes worrying about whether it was on or off. I went downstairs and it was off. BUT-- the next morning I woke up and it was on. I asked Mac if he turned it on in the night (he had been up sick in the night and he said no). I ask Daddy-O if he got up in the night and turned it on, and he said no. So, it either magically turned on, we had a cold ghost, or someone broke in- took nothing- and turned on the fireplace.

I'm trying to stop swearing again. I'm working on it, but it's slow going. I will still say "damn" and "hell." I've debated keeping "rat bastard" but I think I might pull that one out as my BIG GUN swear word. All others I'm trying to make off limits. I actually said "Jeeper Bananas" the other day. I have no idea where that came from (or what it means) but I didn't swear.


Curley said...

You tell Mac that the reason we "old" women want to go see Bon Jovi is because they are still "HOT"! And I'm older than you. Oh yeah, and because the music is good. Some things get better with age. Like fine wine.

Bragger said...

I go see Billy Joel every time he's in town because it has become a habit. When I say every time he's in town - literally, I haven't missed an Atlanta concert of his since 1978. I think he should totally acknowledge me from the stage next time. Egads. I just said "totally".