Monday, November 22, 2010

40 for 40

I have to say that "great minds think alike." I'm completely not kidding. This is the weirdest irony. It's like a giant "jinx, you owe me a Coke" moments. I've been playing around, writing a post about doing 40 things before I turned 40. I was going to post it this week, beg readers for ideas after they read the "rules/limits" publish the list on the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov 29) and start on the list Dec. 1. BUT, guess what? BRAGGER already posted a list asking for suggestions from readers of 50 things she should do before she's 50. Now I feel like a big, plagiarizing, copycat.

I debated whether or not to give it a whirl & I decided what the heck! And I also emailed Bragger who gave me the green light to go forth and blog. (this isn't the first time she and I have had similar, tandem post topics. I swear you read enough of a person and you can become one with the blogger portion of their brain) And I'm going to mention Bragger frequently in this post because she did it so well the first time and... well, why should I recreate the wheel?

I want to do 40 new things that I haven't done before, before I turn 40 next Sept. 26. I'm scared for turning 40, and not really looking forward to it, hate the horridness that is that number, but I have to do it; turning 40 is better than the alternative. In an effort to not dwell on the old part, I've decided to try and do 40 things I've not done before.

I would love help from you. Please give me some suggestions! This is not a contest and there are no prizes if I do something you suggested. And while there are no RULES to your suggestions, there are some guidelines because, as Bragger put it, these suggestions should be "reasonable" (Bragger). Guidelines are as follows (you know I love to bullet things!):
  • Affordability. I don't make much over minimum wage an hour so money is an issue. I don't have a ton of money and sponsors so I need to keep costs for these things reasonable and affordable. If you want to give me a suggestion and then provide all the funding, I would seriously consider that, but until that happens, please keep costs to a minimum.
  • I can't quit my job or take lots of time off to do stuff. Please keep "time" in mind when suggesting. (Though if someone would like to fund a summer in Italy, we could certainly work that out!!!)

  • The 40 things don't have to be adventurous, death-defying acts (Bragger). I don't do heights and I don't do scary. If you've read here long enough, and if you read my "old" blog, then you really do know I will not parachute out of a plane, ride a roller coaster, bungee jumping or any of that scary crappola. Not this girl.

  • "It has to be something I have some control over, so it would be a waste to put 'win the lottery' as one of the 40 things" (Bragger). As would get married. Or publish a book.

  • "I would prefer that items on the list not turn into lifetime commitments" (Bragger) like having a baby or getting a pet or getting married.

  • Nothing that would be considered ridiculous or stupid. Silly is okay but stupid-- uh, no. Like get married or have a baby or touch spiders.

  • It cannot include things that have pain associated with them, like another tattoo. I also cannot get anything pierced because Daddy-O said I would be moving out (If I do move out before 9/26/11 I cam totally getting my nose pierced, though) if I came home with a piercing. OUT- not even threatened me with the Shed but OUT.

  • I also hope that you will take what you know about me into consideration and suggest things that are "Maggie Like".
I'm sure there are other "guidelines" I could suggest. Right now, though, these are the ones that sound reasonable and make the most sense. I was talking to Mac and Princess the other night about this concept and they helped me start the list. Now, I edited what they said because some of it is stuff I already did (like learn to belly dance- I took classes on this, thank you very much) and stuff that was not affordable (go to all Disney Theme Parks, including Disneyland and EuroDisney) or was ridiculous... or inappropriate. Here are the ideas they suggested.
  1. cook dinner every night for one month (Mac's idea, which was followed by cackling, hysterical, rolling on the floor laughter, and punctuated by a snide snort)
  2. take a zumba class
  3. take ballroom dancing lessons
  4. learn to juggle
  5. read a book by a Russian author (in the English translation)
  6. take a mini-road trip to somewhere I've never been
  7. give someone else a makeover (facial, style hair, give a mani- and a pedi-)
  8. Leave a couple books around in public places with inscriptions that they're free to those who find them
  9. Mail a postcard to "Post Secrets"
  10. bake cookies to send to troops, and then send them (rather than eat them all myself)
  11. make a Baked Alaska
  12. get highlights in my hair
  13. take a pottery class
  14. make bread once a month
Just because I have this started list doesn't mean that all 12 of these things will make the final cut. I want YOUR ideas and YOUR suggestions. So, please please please- feedback is wanted!

I can't wait to hear what you suggest!


Work Cited: Bragger. "I Need Your Help." Bragger. Blogspot, 2 Nov. 2010. Web. 21 Nov. 2010.

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Olivia said...

Sounds like fun! Go for it and forty is only an issue if you make it one! I thought you were 25 anyway. Hugs,

Curley said...

Learn a new hobby. I could teach you to crochet or knit or counted cross. All of these would cost you nothing as I have all the supplies. I would go for the makeover. Ready, willing and able.

Lilith said...

Write a short story and submit it to a magazine for publishing!

**side note, if you do take the pottery class I would love to join you**

Jimmie Earl said...

Lots of luck! My suggestion is to sign up on a "free" dating website and actually go out on a blind "meet for coffee" date. (And no saying "I will if you will.")

stefanie said...

you know its just a number!!! and just pretend your 29 and just live life to the fullist everyday!!!

Mellodee said...

Read 40 books you wouldn't normally pick....Make the longest list you can come up with of things that are wonderful about being 40....Put aside a set amount of money each day (something that won't break the bank!) and use that money to buy yourself a special present (something you would not otherwise get)....try to reconnect with an old friend who is also approaching 40 to commiserate with....Memorize poems that make you laugh or feel good....Volunteer your services to a charitable organization in your area....Try to learn a craft you've never attempted before (paint, sculpt, pottery, tapestry, etc)....Learn to play an instrument or re-learn one you used to play....Rearrange/redecorate your bedroom....Take lessons in tap dancing or ballet or yoga....Remember to breathe, every day!

Jean Hart said...

I think your own your way. I sat down and wrote a "Bucket List" myself after seeing the movie with the same title.
I just recently completed something on my list you may want to consider. ZIP LINING!!!! oHHHH SOOOOO MUCH FUN.

Maggie said...

Olivia- thanks for thinking I'm so young! I wish!

Curly- a new hobby sounds good! And I was betting you were willing for the make over- hehee!

Lilith- great idea! thanks! (And we will totally do it together because I'm sure I'll only find a class in Northern Civ!)

JE- I already did this, so I can't do it again... sorry! (not! hahahahaha!)

stefanie- there's an idea...

Mellodee- this is a wonderful and so very thoughtful list. You can bet I'll doing most, if not all, your suggestions! thank you!

Jean- thanks for the idea!

Tiffanee said...

What a fabulous idea!! Turning 40 isn't so bad. How about learn to paint (one picture). Run a 5K. got me thinking, maybe I need to do one of these lists also! Thanks for getting the brain thinking!!

Marina Capano said...

Sounds like fun!What a fabulous idea!!


Gulo said...

I would say use an outhouse, but you conquered that one already

Maggie said...

Tiffanee- thanks for the ideas! I love the paint a picture one! and let me know if you start making a list- I'd love to know what you have on it!

Marina- thanks.

Gulo- check! Okay, come on with some ideas- I know you have some! (I've never done a Geohunt thingy before!)

Gulo said...

This one may be a little tough in your situation, and you may have done it in The Vortex of Negativity, already, but...Spend one whole day without using electricity. I think it's fun, but I also have the means to do it. I have a wood heat, a propane cook stove and and oil lamp that I love to use. (and a wind up watch someone gave me)

Shan said...

Oh Maggie, this is so not the way I think though I wish it was! I thought of the same thing your dad did-HA! And then I came up completely dry. I am not a good list maker or a goal setter and I have zero ambition for extra things to do so my brain is not helping!
If I come up with anything, I'll let you know. Good luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Maggie said...

Gulo- I'm not sure where I live now that would be possible. I think I could go out to a camp ground for a day or something but I'm not sure. Let me think on that one. It sounds an awful lot like camping... are you trying to trick me? ;)

Though if I took a day trip to walk some of the Appalachia trail it might combine this one and that one...

Shan- well feel free to goal set for me! No, no, really it's okay. I appreciate your moral support in my project!

Wiley said...

Write a book. You have it in you.