Friday, November 26, 2010

Leftover blogcake

A long time ago when I first started blogging, a blogging buddy used the term "blog cake" when he had a post that was nothing but just random thoughts. When I went to title this post, I thought of him and his blogcake words and the idea of left overs because of yesterday and hence the post title.

Time is running out. Today, before 6pm, is the last time anyone can go vote for me as one of the top blogs of 2010 at the Blog Guidebook. I'd appreciate the votes, please! Click on the badge at the bottom of this post to check it out! And to vote for me! Please!

And I am loving all the suggestions of things I should do before I turn 40 years old. Please keep those ideas coming. I thought I would post the final top 40 on Monday but since ideas are still rolling in, I'll wait. But feel free to hit my 40 for 40 post and throw in your 2 cents!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the States, and nothing says "thanksgiving" better than Burlesque (the 196th movie I've watched this year). Yeah, I actually went to see that yesterday! With Daddy-O and Mac. I went because I like movies, Mac went because he's intrigued by musicals, and Daddy-O went because he loves Cher. It was good, too! The musical numbers were awesome, and the costumes and makeup were amazing. I wish I could do my hair and make up like that daily... and look normal, anyway. I also saw Love & Other Drugs. On a date as friends with ITSam. Why do I hear cries of bloggers everywhere hollering reminiscent of Ricky Ricardo: "Maggie, you got some splainin' to do!"? The movie was good. It was a romantic comedy of sorts with lots of naked in it. And sex talk and bad words, but it was really good!

Other than the movie, Thanksgiving day was normal, for me anyway. I slept in, which I think it the best start to any holiday. We also had dinner at Bro and SisIL's; wonderful hosts, great meal (well done SisIL!), good times. And I got to play kissie-face with my niece and nephew, of course! Right now the niece is in the Terrible Twos and hates all of us except her mom, which is okay because the Divine Ms K is well... 2. Duh. My 6 month old nephew loves everyone and he is the smiliest guy. They are both adorable.

I have a 4 day weekend due to the holiday. I am also greedy; therefore, I don't "have have" 2 days off. I agreed to work at the front desk doing my secretary thing at Alcatraz today. THEN I was called and asked to drive a transport. Many of the Alcatraz kids have earned a chance to go home for a few days over the holiday but they need to be picked up on Sunday. Awhile back I said I would be willing to haul kids around but I'd never been called to do it. I agreed to pick up three of the kids, one of them being PRINCESS! So, even though I have a 6 hour drive one way to go get her, I still get to hang with her Sunday. And get paid to do it. In a company car. So it's win win all the way around. The only thing I did was blow my 4 days weekend down to 2 days. Oh well! It's just 3 weeks until Christmas vacation! I can take some time off then!

Other than working tonight and the transport on Sunday, my big plan for the holiday weekend is to see more movies, if I can. I want to see Harry Potter 7 part I, and Morning Glory. I want to see Unstoppable and The Next Three Days but those aren't the I WANT TO SEE THEM NOW films like the first two I mentioned. Maybe I'll get to 'em. I want to finish a small knitting project as well. I also want to sleep in. I need to clean my room, clean the garage, do laundry and organize my closest but that feels so much like work.

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Curley said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving day. I made hats (4 done, working on 5) and had some sad memories, but thats ok. Today is husband's birthday. Who knows what we will get into.