Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 8- who made my life hell

For day 8 of the 30 days of truth, I'm supposed to write about someone who made my life hell. Again, this is an easy one and it's also a cop out: my ex- husband, the Sperm Donor.

He's an asshole and I could use a whole stream of expletives to describe him.

But here's a little story, instead, to demonstrate his complete and utter lack of character:

Two weeks before Christmas 2009 SD kicked Mac out of his house because he didn't like that Mac argued with him and his wife. I talked to Mac AND the ex about it and that's what it came down to. He didn't like how Mac talked to him. While the rest of the teenagers in the country are smart-mouths to their parents, my ex kicks his son out because he can. Furthermore, since then, they tried to mend fences. When I called SD, that is. When I convinced Mac to call, that is. Then I would orchestrate meetings because I could see how much the estrangement was hurting Mac.

It didn't work. So they barely spoke. SD didn't go to Mac's school play last year when he was Alice in Wonderland, he didn't go to his choir concert when he solo-ed, he didn't even show up for his awards program. He wouldn't take his phone calls.

Then in June, Mac tried to use his iTunes account and lo and behold it was cancelled. Mac called SD to see why and they fought. Mac was in tears and screaming and practically hysterical. Since that day in June, not one word has been spoke to SD from this house or his.

SD is a childish brat and he will not realize he is the parent and Mac is the child. He will not offer the olive branch. He will not see he was wrong, and he was. He will not try to make amends. He is a person who is always right while all the rest of us are wrong. He doesn't bend. He isn't kind nor considerate and he could care less how Mac feels. He doesn't call Mac. Mac is hurt, mad and angry. Mac is a senior and having a school year of wonderful successes but his father is being a jerk and having no contact. He will not speak to me, either, which is maybe a good thing.

Mac is hurt and mad. SD is a horror or a human being, a worthless bag of air taking up valuable space on this planet, and taking away resources from those of us who are productive.

He's hurting MY son. So when I talk about a person who makes my life hell, I quickly point a finger to my ex because while he isn't directly bothering me (I enjoy the silence; I pretend like he's dead) he hurts Mac so that hurts me. Mac hurts, and I bleed.

Sperm Donor is evil.



Bragger said...

Sweet Girl's daddy is very similar. When SG was 8 years old, her wicked step-mom (IF they were even married before she mercifully died) told her, "If you ever see your daddy again, it will be somewhere else, because you're not coming back to this house." And baby daddy supported that. Now he wonders why she won't have anything to do with him!!!!!

Curley said...

You're right, he's a lousy dad. Which means, since Mac is such a great kid/almost adult, he learned it all from you.

Jimmie Earl said...

How can any father treat his son this way? Since I know the SD and have seen how he operates, I can only say that the guy has "mother issues." I think you know what I mean.

Evil Pixie said...

Wow! He's a total dip-wad!